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Internship Completion Certificate for MBA Students - Template

Internship Certificate is a certificate awarded to a student under some educational course after completion of his internship period with an organization.
Under the MBA - Master of Business Administration course, a student is required to undergo internship in an organization for a certain period as prescribed under the course by the MBA institution. Once the student completes the internship with that organization, he will be given an internship completion certificate. He is required to submit a copy of this internship certificate to that MBA course providing institution as a proof that the internship was duly completed.

Condolence letter to Family of a Colleague/ coworker who Died

It would be a kind gesture from your side if you write a sympathetic condolence letter to the family of a colleague/coworker who recently passed away.
You have to keep in mind couple of important things in drafting this letter:
1) Timing (when to post this letter):    During the first few days after the death, all the family members will be quite busy in arranging for the funeral and will also be in mourning stage. Hence, it would be advisable if you post the letter after few days from the funeral day, not too delayed though, say around 4-5 days after funeral.