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Letter to Landlord for Leaving the Rental House (Eviction Notice)

The tenant may leave the house /flat / premises of the landlord for several reasons, viz. high rental value, rent period is over, dispute with landlord, location change in job, flat space or design unsatisfactory, etc. Generally, most of the rent agreements contain a clause on advance notice to be given by the tenant to the landlord at lease before a fixed period before leaving the flat. Otherwise the tenant will have to pay for the notice period if he want to leave on a short notice or immediately.

Letter from Landlord to Tenant: Notice for Increase of Rent

The terms of increase in rent depends upon the mutual understanding between the parties either in writing (condition mentioned in rent agreement) or orally (as agreed from time to time). It would be advisable for the landlord to at first give a gentle reminder in the form of a formal letter to the tenant - informing him about the increase in rent as agreed upon or as justified to be. If the tenant do not cooperate properly on the raise in rent matter, then the landlord can write a strong letter to tenant demanding increase in rent.

Letter to Landlord requesting Reimbursement for Repairs made

Generally, the rent agreement (leave and license agreement) between landlord and tenant carries a condition on who will pay for repairs and maintenance of the property given on rent/lease and mostly the responsibility is relied upon the tenant for carrying out periodical maintenance.
In the absence of such a condition in the agreement, the tenant may request the landlord to arrange for the repairs and the tenant will make the payment. Or the tenant may complete the cleaning and repairs of the property and then request the landlord to reimburse the payment made by him.