Follow up enquiry letter / email for Interview result / outcome (Sample)

Once you attend the interview as scheduled with the recruiting company, the next step quite obviously, is to know the outcome of the interview i.e. whether you have been selected or not. In the interview meet, the HR officer will probably inform you about an approximate date by which you can expect the interview result. On or after this date, if the interview outcome is not conveyed to you, then you may write an email or a letter to the Company, enquiring about the interview result. The format of such email or letter could be as follows.

ATM transaction failed money deducted - Complaint Letter to Bank

During the process of withdrawal of money from ATM if the cash was not received from the ATM machine but the amount got deducted from your bank account and subsequently you did not even receive any message from Bank regarding reversal of money back to your account, then you should lodge a complaint as soon as possible at the branch office of the bank. The following format could be used for this purpose.

Request Letter to Society for NOC for Electricity Meter Transfer

While applying for change in name for the electricity meter connection in the name of new owner of a flat in a society, the Electricity company may ask for a copy of No Objection Certificate from the society.

This is generally done to confirm the ownership details in the records of the society and to know if there is any other concern of the society's board in this matter. Even the previous owner can write the request letter to the society for issue of the NOC.

NOC from Society for Electricity meter/connection transfer (Sample)

Once the Society board receives a request from a flat owner for issue of a No Objection Certificate (NOC), with regard to the transfer of the electricity connection allotted in the name of the previous flat owner of a flat in that society, the society has to issue the NOC unless any discrepancies found in the matter.

The copy of this NOC becomes a requirement while applying to the Electricity company for change in name in the electricity connection in favor of new owner of the flat.

Letter from Bank to Customs department providing AD Code for customer

In case, a customer has requested for issue of AD code for registration with Customs department because of some export of goods or other purposes, the bank has to issue the letter at the earliest. The banker has to follow the format prescribed by the bank or the format given by the customer, which could be somehow as per the format given hereunder.

(Sample) Letter to Bank for issue of Authorised Dealer (AD) Code

With regard to export of goods, an organisation might require AD code of their bank for registration with Customs department for the export of those goods. Then they have to request to their bank for issue of information on AD code of the bank. Once the bank gets the request letter, they will issue the information. Format of the letter to bank requesting for issue of AD code could be somehow as mentioned hereunder:

Letter requesting re-issue / replacement of expired Cheque

When a party (individual / company) issues a cheque for a certain amount to another party, generally the issuing party would put the date of issue on the cheque but in certain cases a signed cheque may not be dated as per mutual agreed terms. In case, the cheque is dated, then as per the banking regulations, the cheque becomes valid for only three months, within that period the cheque must be presented to the bank for encashment. If the period expires, but the cheque is still not encashed then the cheque becomes outdated (expired cheque).