New Business/Company Opening Introduction/Announcement Letter

One of the many marketing mechanisms of introducing a new business or a company/corporation to its prospective customers, is to write an impressive letter to each and every one of them. Not necessarily, each letter has to be different from the other. You can follow few formats segmented for a wider recipients. One of such formats you could use is as given here under.

Ref: .................
Date: ................

(Name of the Person)
(Business Name)
(Tel. No. & Email id)

(Name of the Person)
(Organisation Name)
(Contact No.)

Sub.: Introduction of Our Business

Dear (Recipient’s Name),

We are delighted to have the pleasure of introducing our business (Business Name) to you, which was established recently on (Date). We are an Automobile Parts Manufacturing Company aiming to cater to the vast needs of the Automobile industry.

(Business Name) has its headquarter at (City Name) and branches across 20 top cities in the country. We are enclosing herewith a brochure of our company having brief details about our offerings and other vital information which will help you in understanding our company better.

Our Vision : “To be a global leader in supply of Automobile Parts with high quality standards.”

Our Core Product Offerings:

1. _____________________
2. _____________________
3. _____________________

Our founders (Name) & (Name) are both experienced personnel with over two decades of experience in Automobile industry. (Founder Name) is a graduate of Harvard University in Masters of Mechanical Engineering while (Founder Name) has also done his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Oxford. (Founder Name) was working as a Chief Operating Officer for (Company Name) for 10 years. (Founder Name) was working as a Chief Technology Officer for (Company Name) for over 15 years. With their expertise and dynamic industry knowledge, we are excited towards the journey ahead.

I am looking forward for an appointment with you as per your convenient time to personally appraise you our services and any possible association with your esteemed organisation in future.

You may kindly convey an appointment time for our meeting please. Have a good day!

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,



Encl: As Above


  1. Sebastian Vettel7/17/2018

    Perfect. Thanks a lot!

  2. Kavipriya Natarajan7/28/2018

    I wanted to introduce my new business to the prospective clients and known persons. I found this letter format useful. Thank you.

  3. Meena Yadav8/20/2018

    Thank you so much for the template of the letter. I really liked it and hence used it.

  4. Timothy Lewis9/24/2018

    Yes. Overall the format should be like this. In addition to announcement letter, businessman should try to meet "personally" other businessman who could be possible clients and some local leaders and government officials of importance. And try to build a good rapport with them.


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