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Welcome Letter to New Shareholders of the Company (Sample)

A welcome letter to a new shareholder is issued when a new person or an organisation subscribes /invests in a company either in cash (includes other methods of payment) or kind. The letter can also be given following transfer of shares. The letter may be accompanied by the original share certificate.

sample of welcome letter to new shareholdersIt is essential that the Company do not ignore this small task as it is going to be the first impression of the company on the shareholder so better try to make a good one out of it. 

In this welcome message - a brief about the company's business and progress should also be included.

Here are some templates of how the message can be addressed to a new shareholder.

(Short letter - message can also be sent through SMS, Skype, Social Media platforms, etc.)

(Company Name), Inc. welcomes you as a new shareholder to its shareholders family. Thank you for putting your trust in the company and making the investment.

We at (Company Name), Inc. are striving hard to capitalise on the opportunities in the industry and improve the performance of the Company. We will continue to do so for the greater growth of the Company and to enhance the value of your investments with good returns. 

You may visit our website's investor page at www.___________/investors to view the financial reports and other information on the progress of the Company including information about dividends.

Once again thank you for associating with us. We look forward to your continued support and association for the ultimate growth of the Company.

(Lengthy letter with all information)

Ref: .....................
Date: ....................

(Name of the Company)
(Full Address)
(Telephone, Email)

(Name of the Shareholder)
(Full Address)
(Telephone, Email)

Sub.: Warm Welcome to our New Shareholder

Dear (Shareholder's Name),

I, on behalf of the Board of Directors, congratulate and welcome you as a valued shareholder of (Company Name).

Brief about the Company

We are a (Name of the Industry) company - established in the year of _____. During the last __ years of our standing in the industry, we have strived hard to evolve with the change in the industry with new creative innovations and we are glad to mention that the products have gained popularity among our esteemed customers.

The Company has achieved a __% growth in revenue in the previous fiscal year with a __% growth in the profitability. We anticipate the growing trends to continue this fiscal year as well with a marginal increase.

We are enclosing herewith the Annual Report for the last two fiscal years which will give you a better picture of the performance of the Company. You are also advised to visit our website's investor page at www.___________/investors to periodically view the financial reports and other information on the progress of the Company including information about dividends.


A ‘Communication form’ is enclosed herewith for you to select various modes of receiving communications from our side viz. Annual Reports, Notices of Meetings, Dividends, etc. Kindly fill up the form and return to us for further actions.

Share Certificate

We are enclosing herewith the original share certificate for the investment made by you. Kindly check all the contents of the same. Should you find any discrepancies, please contact us immediately. Please keep the share certificate in safe custody to avoid misuse by anybody else.

Your Continued Association

We encourage you to take active participation in the shareholders meetings and by giving your valuable suggestions from time to time. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any suggestions or questions. You can write to our Company Secretary at (Email Id).

We will continue to strive hard for the greater success of the Company and to enhance the value of your investments with good returns.

Thank you once again and have a great day/evening!

Yours sincerely,
Managing Director

(Common letter to all new shareholders - periodically)

Instead of sending individual letter addressed to each shareholder by their name and other details, the Company can also send a common letter to all new shareholders at the beginning of the fiscal year or any other time during the year. It may either be monthly or quarterly or half yearly or once in a year.

In such case, the Template#2 can be used with one slight modification in the welcoming line as follows:

"We warmly welcome all of the new valued shareholders of (Company Name)."

After the above sentence, the lengthy description as mentioned in Template#2 can be added here.


  1. Robert Davis17 June, 2018

    Thanks for these useful samples. Very helpful in drafting the welcome letter.

  2. အကၡရာ28 July, 2018

    Sample #2 is what I needed. Thanks a lot for this perfect format.

  3. Sarala Shetty20 August, 2018

    A welcome letter is the first impressive step from the company side. Companies mustn't ignore this and shouldn't be lazy about it.

  4. Fabulous. Much appreciation for the letter's template.

  5. Hey, this was pretty good for drafting. Thanks!

  6. Good one, thanks


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