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Shareholder's Letter to Company for Change of Address

This is a format of letter by a shareholder requesting change of his/her address in the register of members of the company, where he/she holds shares.

request letter for change of address in share certificateYou may also check with the company or its RTA i.e. registrar & share transfer agent to find out the exact requirements for change of address. You can find their contact details from their websites.

Following sample of request letter for change of address in share certificate is for your reference.


Date: _______

(Name of the Shareholder)
(Complete Address)

(Name of the Company / RTA)
(Full Address)

Unit: ________________ (If addressed to RTA, then mention the company name here.)

Subj.: Change of Address / Registration of New Address
Ref.: Folio No. __________, Cert. No. __________

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an existing shareholder of the company i.e. _____________. I have been a shareholder in the company since (Year). I have recently shifted my residence to a new location. Hence, I would like to have my new address updated in the records of the company for any future communications from the company side.

Kindly find below the details of my address:

Old Address (As registered with the company): ____________________.
New Address (For correspondence from now onwards): ____________________.
Reason for change: (Mention the reason viz. due to transfer in job, shifting to another house, etc.).

I am enclosing the duly attested copies of the following documents in support/proof of my new address:
(1) Copy of the Electricity Bill, (2) Copy of the Telephone Bill,
(3) Copy of the Bank Passbook, (4) Copy of the Passport,
(5) Copy of the Aadhar card.

(Choose any one or more from the above as may be available in your case.)

Further, kindly find below my shareholding details in the company.

Folio No.: __________.
Certificate No.: __________.
Distinctive No.: From __________ To __________.
No. of Shares: __________.

I am also enclosing herewith a copy of my PAN card for your verification purposes. The document is duly attested by a banker attesting my signature.

I hereby kindly request you to consider my letter along with the documents provided herewith for updation of my new address in the records of the company.

Kindly acknowledge the receipt and please do the needful at the earliest.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Shareholder)

Encl.: A/a

Extra Notes for Readers

(1) While mentioning your new address - do mention the full and complete address so that there is no problem in receiving any future correspondence from the company. The address mentioned should match exactly with the address mentioned in the proofs provided in support of that.

(2) You can also enclose photocopy of the share certificate(s) for verification purposes. It might help in speeding up the verification from the company side.

(3) The proofs in support of change of address should be legible and neat.

letter format for change of address in share certificate


  1. richa makhijani19 June, 2018

    hey thanks a lot for the format of the letter

  2. Premanand Nayak15 August, 2018

    thank you for the letter format. useful to me.

  3. Georgios Patroungas24 September, 2018

    Thanks very much

  4. Thank you sir, Now it will help me to have correspondence with Co. OR Transfer Agent. RTA

  5. thanks a lot for this

  6. I have misplaced my share certificates so don't have folio number, distinctive number etc. I have few but not all. Will the Company be able to locate all my shares without my providing all folio/distinctive number?

    1. Yes, they should cooperate with you if you write to them about the missing share certificates. In your letter to the company - provide the details of the share certificates available with you and mention very clearly that there are some more shares whose certificates are lost. Mention all the details possible about you (the shareholder) - like name, registered address, etc. so that it helps them to track your info easily. Do mention about the missing share certificates in bold and underlined words so that it doesn't get ignored. And ask for guidance about the next steps. They'll provide info on the procedure and documents requirement for this.

  7. Do we need to give an affidavit of address change along with this request letter for change of address


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