Address Proof Letter From Employer Company (Passport / Bank Account / Gas )

While applying for new passport or gas connection or opening a bank account, etc or even in cases of change of addresses in the said cases, there may be a requirement for a written certificate/letter from your employer which will reflect your current address details as well as permanent residency details.

In such cases, you may request your employer to provide a letter/certificate in this regard. Please remember to make sure the address details are mentioned accurately in the letter, otherwise any mistake in it might lead to repetition of the work and loss of time, ultimately resulting in delay in getting your passport or bank account opened, etc.
The following template/sample can be used. It should serve the purpose.

Ref: ___________


This is to certify that Mr./Ms. Xyz Asdfgh has been working in our Company i.e. ZxCvBnM Private Limited since 16th August, 2010. He/She is currently designated as Manager - Accounts, posted in Finance Department. His/Her Employee Code is 14369.

The following residential addresses of Mr./Ms. Xyz Asdfgh are as per his/her employment records available with us at present.

Permanent Address:
(Full address details here)

Present Address:
(Full address details here)

This certificate is furnished on his/her request for the purpose of opening a bank account.

For ZxCvBnM Private Limited

 - sign - 

Authorized Signatory

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