Bank Passbook Missing/Lost: Letter to Police Station for lodging FIR

In case, you have lost your bank passbook by any reason either somewhere out of home or in office or while in transit / travelling to some place or you've kept at some place but forgotten for a long time or it was stolen along with other items from you - then as a precautionary measure it would be advisable for you to lodge a F.I.R. with the nearest police station, having jurisdiction for the locality where you are staying or where you might have lost the passbook.

The police may ask you to lodge an application in a specific format - in case they don't, you can use the following format to inform them about the matter. The chances of finding back the passbook is very minuscule, but it's always better to keep them informed in case any miscreants misuses your passbook in any wrongful way.


Date: ......................

(Name of the Complainant)
(Full address)
(Mobile No.)
(Email id, if any)

The Officer In-charge
............ Police Station
(Pin code)

Sub: Loss of my passbook

Dear Sir/ Madam,

With due respect, I would like inform you that I have lost my bank passbook on (date) while travelling from (locality) to (locality). I believe I might have dropped it somewhere in between by mistake. Following are the details of my passbook for your kind information:

(a) Bank Name: ................
(b) Account No.: ..................
(c) Account Type: Savings/Current
(d) Passbook No.: ...................
(e) Account holder name: ...........................

I am enclosing herewith a copy of the front page of the passbook which was available with me earlier. I am also providing herewith copies of my identification and address proofs for verification purpose as may be required.

I would appreciate if a FIR is duly lodged in this regard and FIR no. is provided to me for future reference. Any efforts to recover the lost passbook from your side is highly appreciated.

Kindly do the needful.

Thanking you!

Yours truly,


(Name of the Complainant)

(1) Copy of PAN card
(2) Copy of Aadhar card
(3) Copy of passbook front page


  1. Rajeev Motwani7/13/2018

    It is always advisable to report the loss of bank passbook to police. Someone might misuse your information and it may bring financial and other troubles for you. Thanks for the format!

  2. Thulasi Prathap Reddy8/08/2018

    Yes, you are right, Rajeev. That's why I reported it to Police. It's always safe to report to the Police on the lost goods and items of financial or legal importance.

  3. Pawan Jadhav8/18/2018

    The letter format was useful for me. Thank you for that.

  4. Jay Walton9/22/2018

    This seems to be a fairly good format. I will use it for sure. Hope the police will accept my letter.

  5. Can we file this through online

    1. Manjit3/14/2019

      You may file online complaint to the police, only if the police station (under whose jurisdiction this complaint should be lodged) has made available through their "website" an option to file complaint. Please check at first.

      If online option is not available, go to the police station to lodge complaint and collect copy of FIR.

      If you register complaint online, please follow up and insist on a copy of the FIR (free of cost) from the concerned police station.

      The important thing is to get a copy of the FIR which may be useful in future.

  6. Anonymous5/15/2019

    What if i dont have the front page of my lost passbook

    1. Nimesh5/17/2019

      No need to worry. You can provide whatever information available with you like bank account number, etc. It's not a compulsion to submit the front page of the passbook.

  7. Instead of FIR, we need to write "missing diary", otherwise they were not accepting it.


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