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Sample Formal Letter or Email Asking for Interview Result

Once you attend the interview as scheduled with the recruiting company, the next step quite obviously, is to know the outcome of the interview i.e. whether you have been selected or not.

sample letter for inquiring about interview result
In the interview meet, the HR officer will probably inform you about an approximate date by which you can expect the interview result. On or after this date, if the interview outcome is not conveyed to you, then you may write a follow up email or a letter to the company, enquiring about the interview result.

One of the greatest things about qualifying for a job is to stay positive at the interview and at all times after the interview too. So, do not write negatively anywhere in the follow up letter or email or over the phone neither give any ultimatums in it.


Date: ..............

(Name of the Person / Interviewee)
(Contact No.)

(Name of the HR officer / Interviewer)
(Company's Name)
(Office Address)

Subj.: Enquiring about the result of my interview.
Ref: Interview date ............... for the post of ............

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for calling me for an interview on (date) for the post of ............... in your company. I hope my performance at the interview was to your satisfaction. I was told that the outcome of the interview would be conveyed by (date). As I have not received any feedback from your good office yet, I was wondering if you would be kind enough to let me know about the status of my interview. I shall very much appreciate that.

Looking forward to a positive response. I will await for the response for another .... days, after which I will be compelled to look for other job opportunities. I would like to convey that if I am given a chance to work for your company, I shall dedicatedly perform for the growth of the company.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Candidate)


Dear Mr./Ms. ................,

I was interviewed for the post of ............ in your company on (date). I thank you for the opportunity given to me. I was wondering if the results of the said interview have been declared by now. It has been more than .... weeks from the date of the interview and I have not received any communication in this regard. I believe I had performed well during the interview. Hence, I was waiting for a positive response.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would be kind enough to communicate the result of my interview. I would wait for another 1 week to hear from you. Thereafter, I would be bound to proceed for job interviews and joining in other companies.

Have a nice day!

Thanks & Regards,
(Name of the person)

short and sweet follow-up email after interview


  1. Ajay Mangal20 July, 2018

    thanks for the format of the email. much obliged.

  2. I needed to send the follow up email. It was helpful in writing my mail.

  3. Hey there, thanks for helping out on writing the letter. I hope the interview result comes through positive for me.

  4. Thank you for the format, I really needed a good construction for the "I would greatly appreciate it.." sentence.


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