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Landlord Letter to Tenant on Cleaning Repairs Maintenance

Regarding cleanliness, repairs, maintenance of the property given on rent/lease to the tenant, there is mostly a pre-understanding, between landlord and tenant, either through writing i.e. conditions in the agreement or through oral communications before handing over the possession by the landlord.

letter from landlord to tenant regarding maintenanceThe responsible party (landlord or tenant), as may be agreed upon, has to pay for the charges/expenses to be incurred from time to time. Mostly, it is the responsibility of the Tenant and Landlord can check upon the status periodically.

Here are the samples of letters from a landlord to his tenant regarding repairs, maintenance and cleanliness.

TEMPLATE #1: Letter to Tenant
(In case, rent agreement has conditions on repairs payment.)

Date: _________

(Name of the Tenant)

Subj.: Repairs and cleanliness of the Flat.

Hello __________,

I hope you are doing well. I wish to check with you about the status and progress on the cleaning and repairs of the Flat, which is due for this quarter. As you may recall, we have a mutual understanding on repairs and maintenance matter. You may kindly refer the same which was documented through clause ___ under the rent agreement dated _______.

Trust the cleaning and necessary repairs on damage, if any, has already been carried out. If not, I would kindly request you to do the same within the next ___ days. I would be coming for a visit and would also be checking upon the status of cleanliness and any kind of damage.

If you need any assistance in finding professionals for this work, then feel free to let me know. I shall be happy to assist you with this. I have a few good contacts who would do good work at a reasonable rate. You may have to make up-front payment to them without fail.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact me for any assistance.

Thank you,
Yours truly,

(Name of the Landlord)

TEMPLATE #2: Letter to Tenant
(In case no pre-agreement / understanding on repairs payment.)

Date: ________

(Tenant Name)
(Full Address)

Sub.: Maintenance work to be carried out in the Flat / apartment

Hello ________,

How have you been? Trust everything is going alright with you.

I am writing to you to enquire about the status of repairs and maintenance work of the Flat that I have rented to you. This has been almost 7 months since you have been living in that Flat. I hope you have been carrying out regular cleaning work of the Flat to keep it in good state. Although I am sure you must be a careful person in maintaining of things, I would still like to suggest that if there are any damages that have been done to the Flat no matter how minor they may be in nature, the repairs of the same be carried out at the earliest.

Though we have not put any conditions in the rent agreement or discussed about the bearing of repairs costs, I believe that it would not be unfair on my part to request you to do the needful in repairing the things that might have been (unintentionally) damaged by you. Therefore, I request you to check upon the same and do the necessary repairs.

If you need any assistance in getting good service providers in this regard, please do let me know. I know few good professionals in that area who would do a good job and you can very well bargain the charges with them, they will be happy to help you out in the best way possible.

I look forward to hearing from you on the status of this matter.

Have a good day!

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Landlord's Name)

landlord letter to tenant regarding repairs


  1. Pooja Oberoi17 July, 2018

    thanks for the format
    tenants are usually pretty careless about maintenance of the property
    landlords must keep a close watch on the status of repairs and cleaning

  2. Ajay Rathor29 July, 2018

    If there was no agreement with landlord on who will bear repairs expenses - and he starts insisting on payment from us tenants then what to do?

    1. Rajesh K Sahu31 July, 2018

      You have to request him and make him understand that you had presumed that maintenance expenses will be born by landlord and you can explain your financial condition not allowing you to bear this extra burden.

      If he still insists - then you can leave the flat and find a new flat on rent. But, if you do this, he might adjust the repairs charges from the security deposit given by you to him initially. In that case you can lodge a complaint with police, which as we all know legal processes are time and money consuming efforts.

  3. Your site is very helpful for me. I have already found few letter formats to write to my tenants. Thanks a lot.


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