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Request Letter to Society for NOC for Electric Meter Transfer

While applying for change in name for the electricity meter connection in the name of the new owner of a flat in a society, the Electricity company may ask for a copy of No Objection Certificate from the society.

request letter for noc from society for electricity transfer
This is generally done to confirm the ownership details in the records of the society and to know if there are any other concerns of the society's board in this matter. Even the previous owner can write the request letter to the society for issue of NOC.

The request letter format can be written in the following manner. Fill in your personal details in the right places of the letter and then submit it at the office of the electricity board. Do carry all necessary documents and identity proofs of yours for verification purposes.


Date: ..............

The Chairman / Secretary
(Name of the Society)
(Full Address)

Sub.: Request for issue of NOC needed for transfer of Electricity connection.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am currently the owner of the (Flat details) in (Society name). I had acquired the Flat from (previous owner details) on (date) by a sale agreement vide registration no. .................. I had earlier submitted a copy of the sale agreement in the office of the society. You may kindly refer to the same. I am now in the process of applying for the change of name for the electricity connection of my flat.

In the application form of the electricity company, there is a requirement of NOC from the society in this matter. I, therefore, request you to kindly issue the said NOC with the details of ownership, etc. I am enclosing herewith a format of the NOC with all the necessary details filled in it, which may come handy while preparation of the letter from your good office.

Thanking you for your cooperation!

Yours truly,

(Name of the New Flat Owner)
Mob. ...................

Encl.: As above

request letter to society for noc for electricity meter transfer


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