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Follow-up Letter for New Telephone Connection Application

After making an application to any of the Telecom companies for getting a new telephone connection (landline or mobile sim), if there is any unusual delay from the Telecom company in providing you the connection, then you can file a complaint to the appropriate authority in that telecom company.

Sample Reminder Letter for New Telephone Connection Application
Write a proper letter with all the details of the request for a new connection, so that they can easily track the application and attend to your complaint immediately.

The contents of your letter should cover the following details:
1) Name and full address of the applicant;
2) Name and full address of the Telecom company authority to which letter is addressed to;
3) Date of application made by applicant, application no., if any;
4) Application acknowledgement no.;
5) Payment details, if any;
6) Telephone plan details;
7) Mode of submission of application (whether through any representative or directly at office)
8) Name of the Telecom company representative with whom you were coordinating;
9) Last date committed by Telecom company for installing connection and delay thereof;
10) Your ultimatum, if any.


(Name of the applicant)
(Pin code)
(Mobile No.)

(Designation of the Telecom company official)
(Branch office name)
(Telecom company name)
(Contact no.)

Sub.: Reminder letter regarding my new telephone connection request

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had applied for a new landline connection at my residence at (locality name). Following are the details of my application for your ready reference:-

(a) Name: .....................
(b) Residential Address: ...................
(c) Date of application: ..................
(d) Application no.: .......................
(e) Application submission: At ......branch office on (Date) by myself.
(f) Acknowledgment no.: ................
(g) Coordinating representative: Mr. ............, Mob. No. ..............
(h) Telephone plan: INR ...... per month, Unlimited plan
(i) Payment details: Payment fully done by cash

I was informed by the company official that latest by (Date) the telephone connection will be installed and be operational by the next day. But, since then, ....days have passed and yet no installation is done. I have been following up with your officials several times through calls and personal visits, but there has been no action taken on my application so far.

This has caused loss of time and a great deal of inconvenience to me because of the non-availability of landline at home. If the installation is not done within 7 days from the receipt of this letter at your office, then I would kindly request for a refund of my payment along with 18% interest p.a. I will also be compelled to inform the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India about this inconvenience your organisation is causing to the general public like me.

would be very grateful to your goodself if you can kindly direct the concerned officer in this matter to take immediate action and arrange to have the telephone connection installed at the earliest without further ado.


(Name of the Applicant)

Dated .................

Follow-up Letter for New Telephone Connection Application


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