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Child Support payment received Confirmation Verification Letter

An ex-husband or boyfriend or any other responsible person may be asked to pay for the child support money periodically to the mother or any other person in whose custody the children are going to live. This money is used for the welfare of their children. Generally, after divorce, in accordance with a court order, the ex-husband or even in some cases the ex-wife (if the ex-husband gets the custody of the children) is required to pay for child support payment.

Sometimes, the court or any other authority or official department may ask for proof of these child support payments being done timely or not. In that case, the person who is making the payment has to request for a child support verification letter to the person who is having the custody of the child and is receiving the child support payment.

The verification or confirmation letter could be in the format as may be prescribed by the authority or department who is seeking the copy of the letter. Or it could be written in a simple format having all the necessary details as required.


(Name of the Mother)
(Complete Address)
(Contact Number)

(Name of the Department)
(Name of the Institution)
(Complete Address)

Sub.: Confirmation regarding child support payments.
Ref: Court order dated _________ in the matter of _________.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My ex-husband, Mr. _________, age ___ years, a resident of (Address), has been sending money to me every month for child support allowance of (Amount in Words) towards the living and welfare expenses of our son/daughter i.e. (Name), age ___ years, who is living with me presently. I gladly confirm that he has been making payments timely since the beginning of the time as fixed by the district court in its order number _________ dated ______.

He sends money to my _______ Bank account mostly in between __th to __th day of each month. I am quite comfortable with this schedule. I further confirm that there was never any extreme delay in receipt of child support money from him and he has not yet created any undesired issues for me in relation to these payments. He has also been morally supportive towards our child from time to time.

In case there are any further questions in this regard, please feel free to contact me at _________.


(Name of the Mother)

Date: _________


  1. Aurora Escano28 July, 2018

    Thanks for the format.
    Supporting child to the best post divorce is a vital duty of both of his father and mother. No one should try to escape this responsibility.

  2. The letter template was useful. Thanks. Keep up the good work.


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