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Cover Letter for Call Center Manager Supervisor Position

If you want to apply for a call center job, then just sending across a copy of the resume would not be quite an act of intelligence and is untactful. Hence, it would be advisable that you write an impressive cover letter and enclose the resume along with it.

sample cover letter for call center manager position
The cover letter would consist of the details about the job area you are looking for, your expertise in brief, your commitment level for work, etc.

The format of such covering letters are as given hereunder. Please modify them as suitable to you.


Date: ................

(Name of the Applicant)
(Complete Address)
(Telephone No.)
(Email id)

(Name of the Officer)
(Name of the Company)
(Full Address)
(Telephone No.)

Sub.: Application for Call Center Manager Position

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been looking for a good managerial position in a leading call center. Today, while going through your advertisement in a jobs portal, I noticed that you have a few vacancies for Manager Positions in the customer service department of your company. I would gladly like to offer my services to your company for the said position.

I have worked with (number) call center companies during the last .... years. During this period, I was initially working as a tele-operator for the first .... years, as a team leader for .... years and as a manager for the last .... year. I have handled my job profile obediently and have always shown dedication towards the growth of the company.

I can now confidently say that I have the necessary qualities for carrying out the Managerial position. I have the following specialties:

i) Good vocabulary and clear communication with customers;
ii) Multi-tasking abilities and problem solving capabilities;
iii) Interpersonal qualities and team leading capabilities;
iv) Tech savvy - good computer & mobile skills and typing speed;
v) Positive, outgoing, confident and energetic professional attitude;
vi) Patiently listening customers and timely reverting on each of their enquiries;
vii) Keenness to have thorough knowledge about products & services of the clients.

I am enclosing herewith a copy of my resume that has some of my key personal and work experience details for your consideration. I will be grateful if you would kindly allow an appointment with me for a personal interview. I hope you would consider my application for the job favorably.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Applicant)

Cover Letter for Call Center Supervisor Post


  1. Hitesh Kumar Pandey06 August, 2018

    I had been trying to find a call center job but I was not able impress the interviewing officials. I tried different methods viz. doing well in questions at interview, dressing properly for interview, behaving properly n patiently, preparing a good resume and of course I wrote this resume cover letter by referring your site. I think it must have put a good impression on my job reviewer. Thanks! I got the job finally.

  2. Laboni Banerjee29 August, 2018

    Good format. Thanks for helping out us new comers.

  3. Tanya Grover09 October, 2018

    much thanx


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