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Electric Sub-meter Installation Request Letter to Electricity Board

A landlord might require sub-meters installation for the rooms or flats rented to his different tenants to separately identify their electric consumption monthly and accordingly claim payments from them.

Similarly, in a joint family, each family may want to pay electricity bills in proportion to their consumption. Likewise, in many other cases people or organizations apply for sub-meters to the electricity board company.

request letter to electricity board for electric sub-meter installation
Please check with your Electricity board if they have any specific application form or any online facility to apply for sub-meters - if not, then you can write an application letter giving details of your electricity connection, requesting for sub-meters installation and the reasons for such installation.

Some of the electricity companies are making available online facilities to their consumers for applying for sub meters installation. Do enquire with the electricity company's customer care executive over phone, in case you are interested to apply online.

Manual application letter format could be as under. Fill in all required information. Do carry the latest original bill while visiting the electricity office.


Date: ......................

(Name of the Applicant)
(Full Postal Address)
(Contact Number)

(Title of the Officer)
(Name of the Electricity board)

Sub.: Sub-meters installation request
Ref: Electricity connection consumer no. ........... area code .........

Dear Sir,

I have a building at (address), which is having (number) flats and those are rented to different tenants. The building has an electricity connection bearing consumer no. .................... area code .............. The bills are generally shared equally by the tenants. But, there have been disputes about it from time to time. In the absence of any sub-meters, it is very difficult for me to know the electricity consumption units of each tenant.

Hence, I am kindly requesting you for installation of (number) sub-meters at the same premises where the earlier meter is installed. I will be making necessary payments for the meters and installation charges upon receipt of the approval.

Kindly consider my application favorably.

Thanking you!

Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Applicant)

Electric Sub-meter Installation Request Letter to Electricity Board


  1. Thanks for the request letter format to electricity board. It was useful. Though they suggested to fill up another application form along with it.

  2. Yes. I needed a format to know how to write such application letter. Thank you.

  3. How much sub meter cost to installation and Govt fees

    1. I think the cost of the sub-meter is around Rs. 500-2000 and govt fees is around Rs. 500. Please enquire with your nearby electricity office to know the exact charges.

  4. Mam we have to pay in cash for submeter or the bill with will be added in next electricity bill


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