Letter to Landlord requesting Reimbursement for Repairs made (Sample)

Generally, the rent agreement (leave and license agreement) between landlord and tenant carries a condition on who will pay for repairs and maintenance of the property given on rent/lease and mostly the responsibility is relied upon the tenant for carrying out periodical maintenance.

In the absence of such a condition in the agreement, the tenant may request the landlord to arrange for the repairs and the tenant will make the payment. Or the tenant may complete the cleaning and repairs of the property and then request the landlord to reimburse the payment made by him.

However, it would be advisable to first discuss the matter with landlord and then only spend money on repairs because the landlord may deny to reimburse the money later on.

Sometimes the agreement has a condition that the tenant will arrange & pay for repairs and the landlord will reimburse the money to the tenant. In this case, it is quite clear that the tenant will pay first and claim reimbursement later.


Date: ...............

(Name of the Landlord)

Subj.: Reimbursement of repairs and maintenance of the rented property

Dear Mr. ......,

Greetings. I hope you are doing well.

I am writing to you regarding the repairs and maintenance of the property rented to me. As agreed, I have carried out the quarterly cleaning, repairs and maintenance of the whole property and now everything is in better condition than before. You may kindly visit the property any day soon for an inspection if you so desire.

I have spent a sum of .......... on the repairs i.e. the payment made to the service providers engaged in this regard. Further, I have spent a sum of ....... for purchase of some equipments needed for the repairs.

I beg to state that lately I am facing some financial problems as I have been spending large amount of money on the medical bills of my mother as she has been ill for a long time now. Hence, such heavy expenditure on repairs has further put an undue burden on me. Therefore, I am writing to you requesting kindly and seeking your help in this matter.

I will be very grateful to you if you would be kind enough to reimburse me the money spent on repairs as mentioned above. I assure you that in the next quarterly repairs I will take the responsibility for payment of the whole amount.

Looking forward to hearing from you. You may contact me if you have any queries in the matter.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,


(Name of the Tenant)

Encl.: A/a


  1. Anika Chadha7/23/2018

    The chance of landlord reimbursing repairs payment is very less. Still it is advisable to request to the landlord for this. Thanks for the format!

  2. Banamali Nayak8/29/2018

    Dear sir I want to write to my landlord to request him to not to increase the rent as I am facing money problem. Do you have any format for that?

    1. Admin | LettersFormats8/29/2018

      You can refer this letter format for writing : Letter to Landlord requesting House Rent reduction

  3. Hey admin, this was useful. Thanks for posting!


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