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Sick/Medical Leave Application/Request Letter to Manager

Many corporates have their own format for employees who want to apply for leave from work, whether it is due to sickness or attending a ceremony or going on a vacation or any other reasons.

medical leave letter format to manager
In case your company does not have a pre-defined format for applying for sick leave then you can write a simple letter having the details about your sickness and the expected period for which you want the leave approval.

You may have to attach a doctor's report about your sickness if it is already available or in case it is a pre-condition for applying for medical leave.


Date: ..................

(Name of the Boss/ Manager)
(Name of the Organisation)

Sub.: Application for sick leave
Ref: (Employee Name), (Designation), (Department), (Employee Code)

Dear Sir,

I am hereby kindly requesting you to approve my sick leave for .... days from (Date) till (Date). I am suffering from (Name of the Disease) and the doctor has strictly advised hospitalization from tomorrow onwards. I am already on medication and could somehow manage to come to work today. It would be impossible for me to continue to work at the office until I am fully cured.

In case, I am discharged from the hospital early and advised bed rest and if I am able to handle some of the work from home, I would inform you about it and would seek your permission at that time. I have explained some of the pending work to (Name of the Colleague or Assistant), who would take care of the activities on my behalf and would report to you the progress.

I am enclosing herewith a copy of the doctor's report on my sickness. I kindly request you to approve my sick leave for the period mentioned herein above. In case there are any further delays in joining back to service due to sickness, I would promptly intimate you the same in advance.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Employee)

Encl.: As above


Dear Sir,

I have developed symptoms of viral fever and cold. My doctor has advised me to stay indoors and take medication timely. Hence, I will not be able to come to office today and tomorrow.

I have spoken with (Employee Name). He has agreed to manage my work for these two days. In case of any emergency, I am available to take calls, check out emails and resolve the issue to whatever extent possible from my home.

I am attaching herewith a doctor's note/prescription for your perusal. Kindly approve the sick leave.

Thank you.

(Name of the Employee)


Dear Madam,

I have been diagnosed with (Disease Name). I was feeling low for the last few days. I went to a medical clinic and after a few health checkups, the disease was diagnosed.

The doctor has advised me to be admitted in the clinic and get treated immediately. Hence, I will not be available to come to office from (Date) to (Date).

I request you to kindly take into consideration my health issue and approve a sick leave for the aforesaid period. I will keep you updated on the progress as and when possible.

You can email me for any emergency. I will try my best to respond to it asap.

(Name of the Employee)

how to write a letter to manager for medical leave


  1. Anusha Vattikuti19 August, 2018

    thanks for the sick leave application format. useful.

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    Thank you for the letter


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