Letter from dissatisfied Employee to Company for Low Salary (Sample)

An employee may be dissatisfied with his salary for many reasons, mainly because:
1) he is not getting desired amount of salary as there has not been salary increase for a long time; or
2) the recent salary increment is not as per expectation and not enough to meet cost of living or saving money for future.

If you are not satisfied with your salary, then you can write a letter or email to your boss/hr regarding this. Remember to be very polite in wording and explaining the cause of dissatisfaction very clearly and kindly requesting them for an increase.

If you have some desired amount in mind, then you can indicate the same in the email/letter.

Giving ultimatums in the mail viz. leaving the job, or joining competitor company, etc is not at all advisable. No company likes ultimatums from employee. Though if are really going to leave the company if the desired salary won't be given to you, then you can mention about it in the letter in a polite way so that they understand and appreciate the situation you are in.


Date: ....................

(Name of the Boss/HR/Superior Officer)
(Department Name)
(Company Name)

Sub.: Request regarding salary increment

Dear Sir,

I have been working in the ..... Department as a (designation) for the last ... years and ... months. During this period I have truly enjoyed my work and have been putting in my best efforts to perform good in my work to complete the assigned tasks in time so as to ultimately achieve the goals of our company. After all with the growth of our company, our own growth is possible.

But I have to sadly inform you that for the last 14 months I have not received any increment in my salary. This is causing strenuous pressure on me in managing my personal and family affairs. As you are aware of the rise in cost of living in the city, it becomes very live to meet the cost and save something for future at my salary of Rs. ..........(amount) per month.

I was expecting that at least after a year of gap my salary would be increased but since already 14 months have passed and no increment news is communicated to me, I was bound to submit this letter of request to your goodself.

I have a family of 6 members including my parents, wife, 2 kids and me. 5 members of the family are dependent upon my source of income only. Hence, you would appreciate how tough managing the whole family has become for me.

I hope you would consider my request in the right spirit and would not take it otherwise.

Kind request to please consider my application for salary increment.

Thanking you!

Yours sincerely,


(Name of the Employee)


  1. Muskan8/27/2018

    Company people are surely strict in matters of salary hike. They will evaluate you and your performance through so many measures that to score well in them and finally get the appraisal is a tough job in itself. Though I agree we must try requesting them by submitting letters or emails and personal meetings.

  2. Shrish Chandra10/07/2018

    Thank you. Good format for referring.


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