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Emergency Leave Application Letter for Grandparent's Death

Emergency Leave Application means an application for leave from work at short notice to the company, that is through superior officer at work.

Leave applications are generally submitted to the boss well in advance by the employees so that the work doesn't get hampered during the leave and the boss can assign the work of that employee to some other employees.
leave application letter for grandmother expired

But an advance leave application is not possible if some urgent matters come up which was not foresighted earlier and which needs to be attended at the earliest. Hence, emergency leave application is submitted by the employee to the superior officer at work for approval.

You can use the following format for applying for emergency leave because of the death of any relative in your family. Just modify the wordings appropriately and submit it to boss.


Date: ..................

(Name of the Boss/Superior officer)
(Department Name)

Sub.: Application for leave from office for attending grandmother's funeral ceremony
Ref: Employee code: ..............

Dear Sir,

I would like to kindly request you to grant me leave from work for 3 days from today till (date). Sadly, my grandmother has expired early morning today. I have to go to her house at (place) where my family members have already arrived and I am expected to reach at the earliest.

I have some major responsibilities to take part in the funeral ceremony arrangements. I am expecting around 3 days of mine will get spent there. You would appreciate at this sorrowful time I have to be with my family.

Therefore, kind request to you to please approve my leave application urgently to enable me to leave immediately from office today. In case of any emergency need, I will be available over the phone.

Thanks for your understanding!

Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Employee)


  1. Grandparents are our guide for life. Their departure from this world certainly burdens our hearts with sorrows. :(
    Anyways, thank you for the leave application format.

  2. Thank you for the letter format.


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