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Company Invitation Letter for Business Visa Application

Any person - who is living outside India (Foreigners) and who wants to visit India to attend some business affairs or to explore any business opportunities - will need a Business Visa from the Embassy or Consulate General of India's office in their country.

These Business Visa Holders cannot work for and earn income from any organizations in India as their employee/associate based on the Business Visa. They would have to apply for an Employment Visa for that.

sample invitation letter for india business visa application
One of the important requirements to get approval for the Business Visa application is a letter from the organization in India, which he wants to visit during his tour to India. This letter is an "Introduction or Invitation" letter from the Indian company (to the Embassy of India), which confirms the personal and passport details of the applicant and the purpose of his visit, duration of stay, places likely to be visited, foreign employer, bearing of expenses, etc.

Sample of such invitation letters from Indian companies to the Consulate or Embassy of India could be in the following format.

(The letter should be printed on the letterhead of the company who is issuing the letter.)

Date: ................
Ref: ..................

Consulate General of India
(Name of the Country)

Sub.: Single / Multiple entry Business Visa for (Time period) for (Name of the Applicant) r/o (Address)

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are pleased to invite (name of the applicant), aged ....., son/daughter of ............ for a series of business meetings to be conducted by our company at (City name), India. We are providing the following details in relation to Mr. .................. and his visit to India.

A) His personal / passport details:
      o First Name:
      o Middle Name:
      o Last Name:
      o Date of Birth:
      o Nationality:
      o Present Address:
      o Passport No.:
      o Passport Issue Date:
      o Passport Expiry Date:

B) His current employment details:
      o Name of the Company:
      o Company Address:
      o Designation:
      o Date of joining:
      o Company brief profile:

C) Our Company details:
      o Name of the Company:
      o Registered Office Address:
      o Corporate Office Address:
      o Contact Person Name:
      o Telephone No.:
      o Brief company profile:

D) Purpose of his proposed visits:
      o Purpose for travel to India: Business
      o Business activities during visit: Participating in a series of business meetings and events to be conducted by our company
      o Meetings to be conducted at: ............(cities/places details)
      o Duration of stay: ...........
      o Place of stay: ...........(hotel name and address details, etc)
      o Number of visits: He will be visiting India around .... to .... times in a year.

Our company has a business association under a written agreement with his current employer, details of his employer company as mentioned herein above. His proposed business visit or tour to India is in relation to the said business association we are having with his employer.

His travel/flight expenses for this business tour, along with expenses towards lodging, boarding, travelling and other necessary expenses during his stay in India, will be borne by our company. He will not be paid any other form of remuneration from our company or from any other sources in India. He will continue to remain as an employee of his current employer during the stay in India. He will not engage in any activities in India other than the ones stated herein above.

Our company takes full responsibility for the activities and conduct of (name of the applicant) during his stay in India.

His primary contact number during his stay in India will be ...............

We, therefore, request your goodself to kindly grant him a (visa period) (single/multiple entry) VISA for visiting India.

Thanking you,


(Name of the Officer)
(Organization Name)

(Telephone No.)
(Email Id)

sample invitation letter for business visa to india


  1. Janani Gayathiri06 August, 2018

    Just the format I needed for my visa application. Thanks

  2. Rocky Patel14 October, 2018

    Thanks. Referred it.

  3. Hello , my name is Mohammad alamin . I'm from Bangladesh. I want a business invitation letter from India . But I didn't have any relative person and company . I just need a business visa to make my business setup in India so can you please help me to get a invitation for a business visa .

    1. I want a company invitation letter from Indian any company for business visa plese help me.

  4. I need an invitation letter from Bangladesh if anybody can help me I went to Bangladesh open now I need multiple business visa to visit for my business


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