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Letter to Police for Lodging an FIR for Lost Share Certificate

If you have lost your share certificate and you want duplicate share certificates from the Company to which those shares belong, then that Company or its RTA may require a copy of FIR from the police regarding the loss of share certificate.

Letter to Police for Lodging an F.I.R. for Lost Share CertificatesYou will have to go to the nearest concerned police station, where you live, to lodge an FIR.

You have to write an application letter regarding the issue and submit the original letter with the police along with photocopies of share certificates, if available.

You should make 2-3 copies of the application letter - 1-2 for the records of the police station record and 1 copy for yourself for future reference or acknowledgement from the police.

After submitting the application, the police will understand the whole situation from you and will lodge an FIR. Then they will give a copy of FIR to you, which you will have to submit to the Company or its RTA for processing your application for issue of duplicate share certificate.

The following format should be sufficient. However, the local police may demand extra information.


Date: ...............

(Name of the Applicant)
S/o (Name of the Applicant's Father)
(Complete Residential Address)
(Contact number)
(Email id)

The Police Officer-In-charge
(Name of Local Police station)

Sub.: Loss of my share certificates

Respected Sir/Madam,

I would like to humbly inform you that I have lost my share certificates of (Name of the Company). As far as I can remember, I might have lost/misplaced them during shifting of my flat from .... to .... I have tried to find them at all possible places including my home and office, but I have failed to locate them.

I had given a newspaper advertisement reporting the loss on (Name of the Newspaper) on (Date). However, I have not yet heard from anyone regarding this. A copy of the newspaper clip is enclosed herewith for your reference.

The details of share certificates that I have lost are as follows. All the certificates belong to the same company i.e. ............. Limited.

Folio No.
Certificate No.
Distinctive Nos.
No. of Shares


I am enclosing herewith photocopies of these share certificates for your ready reference.

Therefore, I kindly request you to lodge an F.I.R. for the above-mentioned matter.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Applicant)

(1) Copy of Newspaper clip
(2) Copies of Share certificates
(3) Copy of Aadhar card

Letter to Police Station for Lost Share Certificate


  1. Very helpful sir/madam. Thanks for publishing it.

  2. Elliot Madeira24 September, 2018

    More transparency is needed in this process. I am waiting to see the day when such requests can be lodged online wherein of course the person will have to submit necessary proofs as necessary.

    The problem with manual process is that the police authorities many a times ask unwanted questions just to harass you expecting something from your side.

  3. GUNJAN RANA10 October, 2018

    Thanks a lot for the letter!

  4. Amne Fri na lakhvi pade and dayrec police choki e jay n badhi vat kari day n Fri police adhikari lakhi ape n to amara mate bavjj best rese


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