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Letter to Bank for Credit Card Limit Enhancement / Increase

Request for credit card limit enhancement can be submitted through:

request letter to bank for increase credit card limit1) Option available after logging in at Net-banking or credit card portal of bank and submitting the request there;
2) Soft copy of "Form" available at bank's website to be filled, printed, signed and sent to their address or submit at their ATM counter;
3) Printed "Form" available at bank's branch office to be filled, printed, signed and submitted there.
4) If no prescribed form available, then submit a letter in writing with all the details and submit at their branch /sent to the bank's address.

Find the correct address of the bank from bank's website where the letter has to be sent.


Date: ...................

(Name of Credit card holder)
(Complete Address)
(Contact No./ Email id)

The Manager
(Branch Name)
(Bank Name)

Sub.: Request for credit card limit enhancement
Ref: My credit card no. ....................................

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been a holder of your bank's credit card (no. ..................) for last 2 years. I have been using the card for making payments towards utilities bills, shopping purposes, etc. I have been making the bill due amounts well in time by last date. I have never defaulted in payment so far.

Sometimes I am wanting to make some payments but I find the limit is already used up. I, therefore, would like to request you to increase the credit card limit from the current limit of Rs. .............. to Rs. ...............

I am enclosing herewith the following documents for your records:
1) Salary slips of last 3 months;
2) Latest income tax return copy;
3) Copy of self attested PAN/Aadhar card.

Please be rest assured there won't be any default from my side in making payments of credit card bills. Also for your kind information my next appraisal in job is due next month, so I will also be even more comfortable in making payments in time.

Kind request to your goodself to consider my application favorably. Applicable charges may be charged to the credit card or debited from my savings account in your bank bearing number ...........

Looking forward to your response soon.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Credit card holder)


  1. I have used the format and submitted the letter. Though HDFC bank has a fixed format of letter to be filled up and sent to Chennai office.

  2. Hey, thanks a ton for the template of the letter. Tony


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