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Teacher Resignation Letter for Marriage/ Illness/ Pregnancy

Resignation letter from a teacher is a letter intimating his or her intention to leave the job voluntarily from the school or the teaching institution, where he or she is currently working.

If the school has any specific form to be filled up at the time of resigning, the teacher will have to fill that up and submit. Otherwise, the teacher can write a simple resignation letter with all the essential details mentioned in it.

how to write teacher resignation letter to principal
A resignation letter must contain the following essential details:
1) Name of the teacher;
2) Designation in the school;
3) Date of resignation immediately (if no notice period is required to be served);
4) Future effective date of resignation (if notice period is required to be served);
5) Handing over formalities status (completed or not) (to whom done);
6) Reason of leaving the job (generally it's not described in detail, only a hint is given);

The date mentioned at the top of the letter will be :
i) the date of resignation - if no date of resignation is specifically mentioned in the contents of the letter);
ii) the date of writing the letter or submission date (if submitted on the same day) - if date of resignation is specifically mentioned in the contents of the letter.


Date: ..............

The Principal
(Name of the School)
(Tel No.)

Subj.: Resignation from the post of .................. teacher of the school

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am hereby tendering my resignation from the post of .......... teacher of the school. As per the requirement of my employment agreement with the school, I am hereby serving .... days advance notice of my resignation, hence, my last working day at school will be (Date).

I am resigning because my husband has been transferred to a branch in a different city by his employer and I have to live with him and our children to support them.
I am looking for some new opportunities in the teaching arena. Hence, I am resigning from the job.
I am resigning because I will be getting married on (Date) and then I will have to shift to a different city where my husband is having a job. You will appreciate it is not possible for me to live at a distance from my husband for my job just after the marriage.
I am sorry to inform you that I have been taken ill in a serious disease where I have been strictly advised by my doctor to undergo treatment in the hospital, which may take months. Hence, I have no other option but to resign from the job.
I am resigning because I wish to pursue higher studies in the field of ............. I will take admission on ...... and thereafter I will have to dedicate .... years for the studies. Hence, I am resigning from the job.
I am resigning because I am pregnant now and my family wants me not to pursue any job during the maternity period to avoid any risks. Hence, I am resigning from the job.
I am resigning because of the reasons you are already well aware. We have not been getting salary on time during the last one year period. The situations do not seem to be getting better. Hence, I will have to look for a new job for this reason.

(Choose the appropriate reason from the above and delete the rest).

As required, I have already handed over to Mr. .............. , class teacher, all the school equipment and documents that were given to me and were in my possession during the job period.

I will be glad to visit in the future once the new replacement teacher is appointed, to update him on the progress of teaching to students on my subject till date, so that he can continue after that.

I am grateful to you for giving me this opportunity to teach the students of this benevolent school. I have always worked with devotion and tried to perform better for the school. I hope I was able to perform to your expectation. I offer my best wishes for the wellbeing of the students and for the continued growth and success of the school. 

Kindly accept my resignation and give instructions to process necessary formalities viz. PF, etc.

Thanking you,


(Name of the Teacher)

teacher resignation letter to principal for personal reasons


  1. Jyoti Verma19 August, 2018

    Thank you so much for the format of the resignation letter.

  2. Thanks for the letter sample because of higher studies reason.

  3. Letter format was very useful for me. I had to resign because of marriage. I am hoping to get back to profession in few years. A mother has to sacrifice for her child.


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