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Thanks mail to Coworker for covering for Me in My Absence

Taking leave from work in a time when work pressure is too high, due to current projects or high number of customers or many cases to be handled or any other official reasons, then it may not look good on your profile at work.

thank you note to coworker for covering my shift
The superiors may get disappointed with you for taking leaves in such a time. This may affect the evaluation process for your appraisals or promotions.

To avoid this, many people try to take favors from their coworkers by requesting them to handle their work in their absence. If a coworker agrees to do it and performs others work too, then he deserves to be at least thanked for his help. Some may even pay a major part of their salary for that period to the coworker who helped.

It's a short thank you note. Try to be as kind and thankful as you can be in the thank you message without giving even a tiny bit of hint that in any way you took advantage of him and his time.

Format of the thank you note could be as follows. Modify it suitably according to your situation.


Dear _________,

I would like to heartily thank you for covering for me at work in my absence for the last __ working days. As you are aware, we are having high workload for the current two important projects and my absence during this period could have led to big disappointment to our superiors and could have turned out to be pretty bad on my performance report for this month.

You have saved me from all this trouble and I couldn't thank you enough for this. I am looking forward to being of any help to you at work or personally any day any time when you need my help. Please do not hesitate to let me know.

Thanks for everything! Let's meet up after work today and if you have time tonight, let's have dinner together. :)

Yours truly,
(Name of the Employee)

thanks for covering me in my absence


  1. Nitin Phadatare27 August, 2018

    Yeah. I wanted to write something more like it. Thanks for the template!

  2. Thanks. This was helpful.


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