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Thank you Email and Letter to your Boss when Leaving a Job

Worked in a job for a long time? Leaving the job now?

Since you have worked there for a long time you must have learnt a lot of things about the work. Many a times you must have been guided by your boss for progressing and completing the work. In a way, your boss is your teacher at work.

So when you have resigned and moving on to another organization, you ought to show your gratitude to your boss by thanking him for his support, guidance and help from time to time.

Thanking may not be necessarily communicated in writing. If you can meet him personally and thank him sincerely, he will be happy about it. But in addition to thanking personally, you should also try to write a brief thank you note to him either by mail or by letter. These days emails are best mode of communication.

Five important elements of this departing thank you note:
thank you letter to boss when leaving a job sample

1) Show gratitude by thanking him properly;
2) Mention about one or more memorable moments of working with him;
3) Mention about what you have learnt from him - broad categorically speaking;
4) Convey that you can be of help to him in the future if he needs you.
5) Additionally, though it may not be very advisable to mention this, but if you really want to mention about what your boss should rectify in his behavior or work attitude or way of completing a task, you can communicate it very kindly so not to hurt his feelings.

The following format on thank you note to boss should be good enough. You can modify it suitably to add any of your personal good moments with him work related or personally.


Dear Mr. ...............,

It was a pleasure working under your supervision for the last .......years since I joined the Company. I couldn't thank you enough for all the support you have given to me from time to time during this period.

From you, I have learnt a great deal of management skills, how to deal with clients, colleagues, etc and also have got an in-depth knowledge about the product. I have now understood why one must have a fundamental and deep knowledge about the products that we are dealing with. Thanks for your guidance in this regard.

I remember once I was so stuck in a project that I needed some sort of direction to go ahead and even though you were very busy that day in your work, you were kind enough to spend the rest of day with me in solving the issue and giving me some valuable directions to progress. That was one memorable day at the office.

I would be very glad if you can call upon me anytime you need in the future for any kind of help from my side. It would be my pleasure to be of assistance to you in any way possible.

Thanks for everything!

Yours truly,
(Name of the Employee)


  1. The sample seems fine to me for use. So I will go ahead, do some modification and use it.

  2. Yes, departure is an emotional thing. We must show gratitude to our supporters at work. Thanks for the template for reference!


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