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Sample Thank You Note to Friend for Helping with Wedding

Isn't it wonderful when friends help you out just when you need them the most.

We all know how costly it turns out to be - organizing a wedding ceremony plus party. People pay so much money to the Event Organizers, Caterers, Florists and other service providers for the wedding function.

thank you for your support during our wedding
Even some extra people are hired just to coordinate at the wedding party. It all adds up to a very costly affair, sometimes it crosses the budgeted amount.

So, when a friend helps you out at the wedding party by coordinating certain tasks end-to-end, it might even lead to saving money on some hired personnel.

Anyway, whether or not it saves some money, if a friend coordinates some work at the wedding, the bride and groom ought to show their gratitude to him. And, leaving a well written thank you note could be very impressive in this case.

Suitably modify the following thank you note as per your requirement and situation.


Hey ............,

How've you been? Hope you are doing great.

Sorry, I didn't have had a chance to thank you formally at my wedding night for all the help you had been at the wedding function.

Thanks for giving your valuable time in coordinating many activities for a successful organization of my wedding function. A heartfelt and sincere thank-you from (spouse's name) too for your special efforts.

I must tell you - some of the guests were quite impressed with you to see you coordinating work rather than partying with other friends.

As you must have seen I was so tied up attending to the guests and ensuring that all the things are happening as planned and in the process I totally forgot to thank you for your help. My bad!

I truly appreciate all the help you had been at the wedding function. Thanks for everything!

Let's meet up soon and have a blast. I too want to get away from this newly wedded life. Haha.

Warm regards,
(Name of the Person)

Thanks Friend for Helping with Wedding


  1. Philip Hawkridge27 August, 2018

    Good template. Thank you.

  2. Vikash Jadeja10 September, 2018

    Yes. I needed that. Thanks.

  3. Very useful while writing my email to a friend.


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