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Apology Letter to Customer for Damaged Defective Goods

One of the qualities of being a good company is to serve the customers in the best possible ways including providing great quality products or services, good logistics - making sure deliveries are made on time, good maintenance services in a timely manner, addressing the customer grievances adequately, etc.

Apology Letter from Company to Customer for Complaint on Goods
When a customer complains about the product either because of receiving damaged product or wrong products or products missing, etc., then the company will have to provide the customers with the replacements or right products as ordered.

However, this effort from the company side is just not enough to satisfy a disappointed customer. Something more needs to be done by the company viz. providing a complimentary gift along with the originally ordered products, sending an apology letter to the customer, in some cases extra monetary compensations are also given.

An apology letter must be carefully drafted so that nowhere in the letter the customer is blamed for the damage of goods or other issues, which might obviously hurt his feelings and he may take the matter to court or other legal forums for additional compensation.


Date: ...............

(Name of the Customer)
(Full Address)
(Phone Number)
(Email id)

Sub.: Apology for delivery of damaged goods

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are in receipt of your letter dated ............, wherein you have complained about the ordered goods being delivered to you in defective form. We are sincerely apologizing for the same.

We understand you had ordered by bill no. ........... dated .......... for ................ goods, which were delivered to you on (Date). We are sorry that our courier partner delivered you goods in damaged form. This is an unfortunate event, which was completely unintentional on our part. We deeply regret the inconvenience that it must have caused to you.

You would appreciate it despite all the efforts made by our company in making sure the deliveries of goods are made in good condition to the customers, sometimes inevitably the goods are damaged in transit.

In order to make it up to you, we are once again sending the goods you had ordered through one of the reputed logistic companies for reaching you at the earliest possible. We have also taken the liberty to send you some complimentary gifts along with it. Hope they are acceptable to you.

We once again apologize for the trouble. We promise to be more careful in handling our logistics.

Looking forward to staying connected with you. Have a nice day/evening!

Yours faithfully,
For (Name of the Company),

(Name of the Officer)

Apology Letter to Customer for Damaged Defective Goods


  1. I like it the way you first explain the matter and then provide the format. It's very knowledgeable. Thanks!

  2. Amit Nimbalkar03 October, 2018

    Thank you for the format


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