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Complaint Letter Sample for Wrong/High Telephone Billing Error

Errors in telephone bills are not a new thing, it's quite common with the growing number of telephone subscribers especially in mobile connections.

Landline subscribers number is going down, of course, they are being used mostly at organizations and rarely at homes. The error is negligible in these sectors as compared to mobile connections.

Telephone bills are being generated digitally. No human manual calculations are done, so chances of error should be less. But still error happens mostly because of some backend feeding errors or miscommunications between company and consumer.

Complaint Letter for Wrong or High Telephone billing error (Sample)Once you identify that there is a possible chance of error in your bill you should complain about it immediately to the company. Methods of complaining are:
1) Send physical complaint letter to company's concerned address;
2) Send an email to the company's email id describing your complaint;
3) Call over the phone at the company's customer care number to lodge a complaint;
4) Submit complaint at the website of the company with or without logging in.

In the telecom company website you will find all the information as to where to lodge the complaint through letter or email or phone or website.

Here's a format of complaint letter that can be used for submission of complaint manually. You can also use the format for sending a complaint through email.

Change the body part of the letter - by describing the exact error in your case.


Date: ......................

(Name of the Complainant)
(Full Postal Address)
(Phone Number)
(Email Id)

(Designation of concerned officer)
(Department Name)
(Name of the Telecom company)
(Full Address)

Sub: Complaint regarding excess bill amount for the month of ..............
Ref: Postpaid mobile no. ..................

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of .....(your full address)...... I have been using your company's mobile no. ............., which was obtained in my name, for the last few years. I am surprised to have received the current month bill for this mobile number with such excessive billing amount.

Please note the following details about my mobile number for your reference and verification.

Mobile no.: ...............
Connection: Postpaid
Current active Plan details: ...................
Bill for the month of: .............
Bill number: ................
Bill amount: ...............

My monthly telephone bill amounts generally range between Rs. ........ to Rs. ......... As you can see the bill amount as mentioned above is almost three times of my regular bill amount.

I have gone through the bill copy in detail and I noticed that I have been excessively charged for STD calls, which I have never even made in that month. Kindly verify this at your end. I am absolutely sure that I have not made any STD calls at all last month.

Therefore, I request you to kindly provide me a corrected bill for last month so that I can make the payment and continue to use the service. In case you do not correct this error, I shall be bound to lodge this case in appropriate consumer or legal forum and I will also discontinue your company's phone connection.

I hope you will attend to my complaint urgently and resolve it at the earliest possible.

Enclosed herewith a photocopy of the concerned bill for your ready reference.

Thanking you in advance!

Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Complainant)

Encl.: A/a


  1. This was helpful. Thanks. The telecom companies are quite good in handling the complaints these days especially because the competition is too high.

  2. Thanks for the complaint letter format


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