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Complaint Letter for Delivery of Damaged Goods Product

Every consumer of goods or services has a right to lodge complaints to the company who provided them with any defective products.

complaint letter for receiving damaged goodsYou could lodge complaints under different circumstances:
(1) Received damaged products.
(2) Some products missing (not as per ordered list or quantity-wise).
(3) Products seal was open (which is not supposed to be).
(4) Wrong products delivered.
(5) Any other genuine reasons.

Methods of lodging complaints:

1) Online: Many companies are now making available online options for receiving complaints from their customers. You can check out their website and find the links for lodging complaints. You can also email them your complaint.

2) Manually: Some of the companies are not quite digital friendly and they still accept complaints only through written letters well signed and along with self-attested copies of identity proofs plus photocopies of bills.

3) Both: It is actually good for the companies to accept complaints from their customers through all mediums including letters, emails, website, etc. So that all varieties of customers are benefited by it.

Check the company website to find out the exact address for sending the complaint letter.

A sample of such a complaint letter is given hereunder for your reference.


Date: ................

(Name of the Complainant)
(Full Address)
(Phone Number)
(Email Id)

The Grievance Officer
Consumer Care Department
(Name of the Company)
(Complete Address)
(Phone Number)

Sub.: Complaint for damaged product received - request for replacement

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had ordered some products from your company a few days back. However, I am shocked to have received the products today in damaged form. Unfortunately, after the products were delivered and when I opened the delivery package for checking the products inside, I found that all of them were in broken state.

Please note my order details as follows for your kind reference:

Date of order: ....................
Name of the person who ordered: ................
Bill/Invoice nos.: ............ and ..............
Items of products ordered: Item name - ....... (Qnty. ......) Item name - ....... (Qnty. ......)
Total Price: ...............
Date of delivery: ................

I have kept the goods in the same form as they were received. The same can be checked by your representative or courier person while picking up the goods from my place for return.

You would appreciate that already .... days have passed since I ordered goods and still I have not been able to use the products as required at my end. Hence, I would request you to kindly attend to my complaint urgently and provide me with replaced goods at the earliest.

Kindly note that if I do not hear from you in the next .... days regarding the replacement of goods, then I would be bound to proceed further to lodge a complaint against the company at appropriate consumer and legal forum.

Thanking you in anticipation that my complaint will be resolved soon.


(Name of the Complainant)

Complaint Letter for Delivery of Damaged Goods Product


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