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Confirmation Letter for Employee after Probation Period

Mostly, in every job where the person is supposed to be taken as an employee of the company (not as a contractual associate), that person is put on probation for the initial few months. This is called the Probation Period in a job.

employment confirmation letter after probationIn this period of time, generally, the abilities to work for the given job role and the overall character of that person at work place is tested in order to finally evaluate whether or not he is the right candidate for that job and for the organization at large.

During the probation period, the work of the candidate is closely monitored and the progress is deeply assessed. So, the person should be extra careful in completing the work diligently and adhering to the timeliness, good conduct at work, showing dedication, creativity, etc.

Once the probation period is over, the employer evaluates the progress and decides whether to continue your service or terminate it. If they so decide to continue to take your service, then they would at first release a confirmation letter to you and then provide the appointment letter as a payroll employee of the organization.

The format of such a confirmation letter could be as follows:


Ref: ..................
Date: ................

(Name of the Employee)
(Phone Number)
(Email Id)

Sub.: Service confirmation in our organization

Dear Mr. / Ms. .............,

We would like to congratulate you on your successful completion of the probationary period of .... months in our organization. We are glad to have received satisfactory reports from your superior regarding your performance during the said period. You have been punctual at work, completing assignments to the satisfaction, maintaining good conduct with other associates at work and we appreciate you for that.

The management wishes to confirm your continued service as a (Designation), in the ................ Department of our esteemed organization with immediate effect from today. Congratulations!

You will be working under the supervision of (Name of the Officer), (Designation). You will report to him directly. Keeping most of the conditions of the terms of employment the same as earlier, your appointment letter will be issued soon by the HR department. Needless to mention there will be an immediate hike in your pay scale. Hope it will be to your satisfaction.

Now that you are going to be an integral part of the organization, we would expect greater efforts from you to strive to do better at work for ultimately setting the organization on the growth path. We have complete faith in you; hope you would not disappoint us.

Once again, congratulations and welcome aboard! Wishing you all the best!

For (Name of the Organization),

(Name of the Officer)
(Department Name)

Confirmation Letter for Employee after Probation Period