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Complaint Letter about Bad Behavior of Bank Employee

In case you are the victim of misconduct by any staff of a bank, where you have an account or where you have done some or intend to do some banking work, then you should lodge a complaint against that employee to the higher authority or appropriate officer of that bank.

Complaint Letter about Bad Behavior of a Bank Employee (Sample)Methods of lodging such complaints:
(1) Write a letter to the Branch Head of that particular branch of the bank where that employee works.
(2) If you want to complain against the branch head then write a letter to the regional office of the bank.
(3) You can lodge a complaint at the bank's website - where such a complaint option is available.
(4) You can call over the phone at the customer care number and lodge your complaint.
(5) You can email to the bank's customer care department. You can directly send email to the concerned officer if you find his correct email id.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while writing the complaint:
(1) Clear information on the bank employee against whom a complaint is being lodged - name, designation, bank's branch where he/she works.
(2) Exact date and time of the incident when the bank staff misbehaved with you.
(3) Detailed description of the conversation between you and that bank staff.
(4) Any witnesses of this dispute - whether it is any other bank staff or any other person who were present when the incident happened.
(5) If you expect any particular solution to this - then you can suggest that in the complaint letter.

Following format can be suitably modified for your purpose.


Date: .............

(Name of the Complainant)
(Phone Number)
(Email Id)

The Branch Manager
(Name of the Bank)
(Name of the Branch)

Sub.: Complaint against a staff of your branch for misconduct

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an existing customer of your esteemed bank at ........... branch. My savings account number is ..................... I have been associated with the bank for a long time now and I consider myself as a loyal customer of your bank since I do most of my banking transactions through your bank.

I am lodging this complaint very dishearteningly against one of the staff of your bank at the said branch office. His name is ..................... and is currently designated as (Designation). Kindly note the following sad incident that has happened with me.

On (Date) around (Time), I had gone to the said branch office to enquire about a personal loan of (Amount) for buying ............. I was told to meet the said officer Mr. ............... I went to his cabin to talk to him but apparently, he was in a bad mood as he almost annoyingly told me to wait for some time. I kept waiting outside his cabin for around .... minutes when he finally asked me to come inside his cabin. I explained to him the need for money and enquired about the current schemes for personal loans.

He then asked me about my current monthly income and expenses; I explained everything in detail. I was disheartened to see his smirking off face every now and then when he was listening to my explanation on income and expenses. At the end, he bluntly told me that I could never be eligible in life for a personal loan. I was told to get lost and stop dreaming about loans. Another employee was present in the cabin when this incident took place; the same can be verified from the CCTV footage from your office.

Such behavior from any bank employee is highly unexpected and unprofessional. I hope your bank will take appropriate disciplinary action against that employee and ensure that employees behave well with its customers.

I would also request your goodself to instruct any other officer to provide me with necessary information on personal loan schemes so that I can apply for one.

I will be grateful if my complaint is attended at the earliest.

Thanking you,

(Name of the Complainant)

complaint letter about bad behavior of a bank employee


  1. bank staff is way too pathetic to deal with.

  2. Jaha to kisi karmchari ka name he pata nai lagta complaint kese kare sabi kamchor barti kar rakhe hai ino ne

  3. SBI worst customer dealing.

  4. Most of the bank employees are really in need of soft skill trainings.

  5. Banking staff of small-town banks are horrendous and rude to associate with. Best to do business with the main three "big" name banks if you want to be treated kindly. The days of the personable bank staff is long gone.

  6. Misbehave Allied bank staff Raiwind Road Fatima Masjid near Thoker niaz baig Lahore./

  7. Kse ek cashier ke khilaf complaint kre higher authority ko mail ke jarya mko complaint krni thi asix bank ke khilaaf


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