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Get Well Soon Message by Letter Email to Employee Sample

In order to establish a good relationship between employee and the employer, it is the duty of the company's senior officials to build a professional as well as personal emotional bonding with the employees.

sample get well soon letter to employeeA small effort could mean a lot to the employee. When an employee falls sick and is on leave, the Boss or the HR head or the CEO should convey a get-well-soon message to the employee.

Write get well soon messages very carefully; none of these should be even slightly hurtful in any way to the sick employee.

Here are a couple of formats for your reference. Modify suitably.

Template #1
(Letter from the Boss to the Employee)


(Name of the Employee)
(Address) (Phone Number)

Dear ..............,

I am saddened to hear about your current state of health. I hope you are taking proper treatment and getting all medical attention as may be needed.

Sorry, I have not been able to visit you at the hospital yet. I am planning to drop by next week for sure as soon as I am a little relieved from the work burden now.

We are hopeful you will be out of this illness anytime soon. Please do not stress yourself at all. Everything is going to be all right in due time.

No need to worry about any of your pending works. As you may be aware, Mr. / Ms. ............... has been temporarily assigned for taking over all of your works. As soon as you are fit enough to join back at work, the post is all yours.

Looking forward to seeing you in good health and spirits, happy and cheerful soon.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need any help for this.

Praying for your quick recovery.

See you soon.

Yours truly,

(Name of the Boss)

Template #2
(Email from the HR head/CEO to the Employee)

Dear ..........,

I felt so sorry to learn about your sick state of health presently. Praying to lord almighty for a quick recovery. I wish you to get well soon at the earliest possible. May God bless you with courage and strength to fight the illness and get better health.

We are surely feeling your absence at work. However, nothing to worry about any of your pending activities, everything is being taken care of. Do not stress yourself about work at all. Try to take sufficient rest to get better.

Do get in touch without hesitation, if you need any kind of help for this.

We hope to see you in your happy and cheerful state in the department soon.

Best wishes from all your well-wishers here.

Take extra care,

With warm regards,
(Name of the HR head/CEO)

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