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Request Letter for New Bank Branch Opening in Our Locality

Each bank has certain mechanism of deciding in which localities its branches are to be established. This may depend upon several factors including area population, average per capita income (pci), existing branches of other banks, viability of new branch's business, approx. number of business establishments in the area, nearby localities to come under the new branch and possible business therefrom, budget required - number of staff needed for new branch and their salary plus all other expenses of the branch, etc.

Request Letter for New Bank Branch Opening in Our Locality (Sample)After considering all these factors and any other important things - the bank decides whether to open a new branch in a particular area or not. Hence, if you are planning to request the bank for opening of a new branch in your locality, you should at least try to give some information about some of the above mentioned factors, so that it becomes even more easier for the bank to make an early decision on this matter.

Following format can be used after filling in all the necessary details. Add or delete whatever information you think is appropriate.


Date: ............

(Person's Name)
(Phone no.)
(Email, if any)

The Zonal Head
(Name of the Bank)
(Address, Tel. No.)

Sub.: Opening of a new branch in our locality

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a resident of (area name) for the last ...years. My name is ... ........., aged ......yrs, occupation ................ I am hereby requesting your bank to kindly open a new branch in our locality at (area name). I strongly believe that your bank's branch office will be of great use to the residents of this locality. And, further I have reasons to believe that your bank will find success in such an operation rather than facing any kind of loss.

As a layman, I would like to present to your goodself the following reasons and justification for opening of your bank's new branch in our locality.

(1) Firstly, there are only 2 other bank's branches in our area which is pretty less compared to requirement of great number of people living in it.
(2) Our area's population is around ..........lakhs. Average income of person should not be less than 15000 per month in my knowledge and belief, which of course can be verified from Census data. Therefore, most of the people are financially sound enough to have a bank account and operate it for their needs.
(3) There are around ....... thousands of businesses in our area. We are noticing a higher growth in economy in the area. Most businessmen seem to be prospering well in their venture. And, as per the small survey conducted by me with few businessmen - they are looking for growth in their businesses and need some support from banks to do so. Most of them have even expressed that providing collateral would not be a problem for them in order to get support from the bank.
(4) Many salaried employees are also looking to keep their money and operate with a trusted bank to gain more benefits rather than local co-operative banks who are not digitally equipped in many respects.
(5) Existing customers of your bank like me have to travel 15km to visit your bank's nearest branch at (area name). This is putting a lot of inconvenience to us customers.
(6) Your bank is a reputed organization and has been gaining more popularity over the years. Therefore, most people would be comfortable in trusting their money with your bank.

I hope your team will consider the above mentioned factors carefully and decide to open a branch in our locality. Many people are looking forward to this for a long time now. Kind request to not let us down.

We will be grateful for your kind consideration in this regard.

Thanking you!


(Name of the Person)


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