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Formal Letter to the Principal for School Leaving Certificate

School Leaving Certificate (SLC) is given by a school to its students when they leave school permanently after successful completion of their class curriculum.

application for school leaving certificate format
Generally, after the exam results are declared and the students are to leave the school permanently, the school arranges to provide the School Leaving Certificate to all of its students for that grade, so that there is not any issue at a later stage and knowing that they are going to apply for higher education probably.

However, in some cases, a student may not have obtained the SLC after leaving the school. Then either he or his parents can apply for SLC to the school.

Following formats can be used after filling in the blanks and modifying it suitably as needed.

(Letter from Student to Principal)

Date: ...................

The Principal
(Name of the School)
(Phone Number)

Sub.: Request for issue of my School Leaving Certificate

Respected Sir/Madam,

I was a student of this esteemed school for last 3 years and I left the school after completion of my 10th grade this year. I have applied for my higher education study in some colleges. I have decided to pursue my career in the science and technology stream.

I am hereby applying for my School Leaving Certificate (SLC) from the school. Kindly note the following details for this purpose.

Full Name: .................................
Admission date: .........................
Admission Number: ..................
Date of leaving: .........................
Grades completed: ........ to ........
10th Class Roll Number: ............

As I am required to submit the School Leaving Certificate to my next education institution, I would kindly request you to issue the same to me at the earliest. I would be grateful to you for this.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and the school for helping me in my educational journey. Schooling days will always be memorable to me. Wishing my best to the school for becoming an even greater academic institution as the time goes by.

Thanking you!
Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Student)

(Letter from Parents to Principal)

Date: .............

The Principal
(School Name)
Tel. ................

Sub.: Application for issue of school leaving certificate of our son/daughter

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am the father/mother of a previous student of this school, who passed his 10th exam this year and moved on for higher education. It is required for him/her to submit the school leaving certificate of this school at the educational institution he is going to join soon.

Kindly note his following personal and academic details at your school:

Student Name: ...................
Schooling period: (year) to (year)
Admitted to school: (date)
School Registration Number: (Admission Number)
Last day at school: (date)
Grades completed: 8th to 10th.
10th Class Roll Number: ............

I hope the above information will be helpful to track his schooling records and school leaving certificate.

I kindly request your goodself to instruct the concerned officer to complete the formalities on my request and provide me with the school leaving certificate of my child at the earliest. I would be grateful to you.

I wish all the success to an esteemed school like yours. All the best!

Thanking you!


(Name of the Father/Mother)

Formal Letter to the Principal for School Leaving Certificate


  1. This was very useful and timely help for me. I referred it at the school itself and submitted my son's letter.

  2. My grandmother LC for nrc documents

  3. Helpful to me for my English studies

  4. Alok Mishra12 July, 2020

    Thanks a lot sir. I submitted it to our principal.

  5. Thank you it was important

  6. Anonymous31 May, 2022

    Whose address our or of school

    1. Divyam Mehta31 May, 2022

      The Principal
      (School's Name)
      (School's Address)

  7. Anonymous31 May, 2022

    And whose phone number

  8. very helpful


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