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Letter to Supplier for Wrong Billing - Request for Revised Bill

Supplier sending you across an erroneous invoice could be entirely unintentional. In rare cases, it could be a wilful. Hence, before making the issue disputable - it would be advisable to first speak with the supplier or write to him regarding the inaccuracy in the invoices and seek for a revision in the invoices.

how to write a complaint letter to supplierImportant things to remember while writing such letter to supplier:
(1) Accurate details of the invoice number and date with purchase order or contract reference.
(2) What for the billing was done - describe the goods supply details, if needed - quantity and date of supply, etc.
(3) What is the exact error in the invoice - describe briefly
(4) What is the corrective action suggested by you - explain.
(5) Show your disappointment about the wrong invoicing but do not use harsh words, which could hamper the business relationship.

Following format could be used. Modify it suitably as per the exact nature of error in your case.


Ref: __________
Date: _________

(Name of the Officer)
(Name of the Supplier/ Organization)
(Office Address)
(Phone Number)

Sub.: Erroneous invoices received - request for revision.

Dear Mr./Ms. ________,

Greetings of the day! Hope you are doing well.

I am writing this letter with disappointment regarding the wrong invoices received from your end. Kindly go through the following details about the concerned invoices and please do take appropriate action in this regard.

On (Date), we received the following invoices wherein we found some errors in the billing amount.

(1) Invoice no. __________ dated _______ (Ref: Purchase order no. _________ dated ________)

Error: Billed quantity is ___ ton of goods whereas it should have been ___ ton of goods as we had returned ___ ton of goods on (Date) because of the faulty nature in it. Returned goods were received at your company's warehouse number ___ on (Date). Acknowledgement no. __________ dated __________.

(2) Invoice no. __________ dated _______ (Ref: Purchase order no. _________ dated ________)

Error: Billed rate in the invoice is (Amount) per ton of goods whereas if you refer our email correspondence dated _______. You had agreed to give a discount of __% on it. So the billing rate should be (Amount) per ton of goods.

(3) Invoice no. __________ dated _______ (Ref: Purchase order no. _________ dated ________)

Error: There is a gross error in the calculation of the bill. The total amount should be (Amount) whereas it is showing (Amount). This needs to be corrected.

As you will notice these errors are quite genuine in nature and hence, it should be corrected and revised invoices should be issued to us at the earliest. We hope your team will take extra care in reassuring the accuracy of the invoices in the future.

Thanking you for your understanding and cooperation in the matter!

Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Officer)

how to write a complaint letter for wrong billing