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Application Letter to Police for Permission for Film Shooting

In case the movie producers or organizers are filming the motion picture inside a film studio they take the permission of the studio owners and where the movie producers are filming the scenes of a movie in any public places they should take permission of the local police or commissioner of the city as may be applicable.

police permission letter for film shootingWhat to mention in application letter?

In the application to police for permission, the applicant company or individual should clearly state (1) the date and time when the shooting will take place, (2) the name of the place and exact address of the area where the shooting will be done should be clearly mentioned, (3) the details of the company name and address with registration number should be mentioned, (4) what kind of scenes will be shot viz. dance or action scenes or normal chatting could be mentioned to hint the risk or impact that it might have towards the traffic, etc.

Following format could be used. Modify it suitably as necessary.

(Application by Production company)
(To be printed on the letterhead of the company)
Date: ...............

The Commissioner of Police,
.............. city.

Sub.: Permission for shooting film scenes in ........... city

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, (name of the person), am a (designation) of (name of the company). The company has its registered address at .................. Some of the scenes of one of the films that our company is currently making are planned to be shot at (area address in the city). The shooting will take place on (date) for around ... hours between (time) to (time). Our team members will be around .... number of people during the shooting.

We assure that we will be abiding by the applicable rules and regulations laid by the authorities during the said time period. We will try to not obstruct any traffic movements in the said area during the shooting. If thought necessary you may kindly depute your officials at the shooting location to monitor and stop any public trying to cause any unwanted nuisance at the shooting.

We, therefore, request your goodself to kindly permit us to do the film shooting at the said place during the said time period.

Thanking you!
Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Person)

(Application by an Individual)
Date: ....................

The Officer-in-charge
......... Police station

Sub.: Application for permission for film shooting in the ........ locality

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, (name of the person), aged ..., son/daughter of ...................., currently residing at ............. I am presently pursuing my career in film industry as a Director. I am making a short film these days and I am planning to shoot some of it scenes in the locality of (address in detail). My team members are around .... number of people. We will be doing the shooting activities on these dates (date) and (date).

I assure you that my team members and I will be abiding by the applicable rules and regulations during the shooting. We will make best efforts not to cause any obstruction in traffic movement in the said area while the shooting happens.

Therefore, I request your goodself to kindly allow us to do the shooting on the said dates. I will be grateful to you for this.

Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Person)