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Letter of Undertaking for Issue of Duplicate Dividend Warrant

When a shareholder applies to the company for issue of duplicate dividend warrant as he has lost/misplaced the original dividend warrant or if it's stolen, then the company will ask for some documents from him in support of this viz. police FIR copy, affidavit / indemnity bond, undertaking letter, photocopy of original warrant, identity and address proofs of the shareholder.

letter of undertaking for issue of duplicate dividend warrant
In a letter of undertaking, the shareholder undertakes to pay the company in the future all the expenses or losses suffered by the company or make good the claims in connection with the duplicate dividend warrant issued to him.

Example: (1) Suppose, someone else finds and encashes the original dividend warrant, then the company suffers loss for it. (2) Suppose, the shareholder is lying about losing the original dividend warrant and encashes it later on. In these cases, the company upon knowing about this will ask the shareholder to pay back the additional amount paid to him.

Hereunder is a format of such a letter of undertaking for your reference. Please contact the company and clarify the procedure before going ahead.


(Letter of Undertaking)

(Name of the Shareholder)
(Address, Phone Number)

The Company Secretary / The Board of Directors
(Name of the Company)
(Registered Office Address)
(Phone Number)

Sub.: Issue of Duplicate Dividend Warrant

Dear Sir/Madam,

I/We, (Name of the Shareholder(s)), residing at (Address), am/are currently a shareholder(s) of your esteemed company. My shareholding details are as follows:-

(1) Folio No. ........ / DP id. .......... and Client id. .............
(2) No. of shares: ........
(3) Face value: ........ each
(4) Distinctive nos.: From .............. to ................
(5) Type of shares: .............

I/We understand the dividend warrants were issued to me for the Financial Year 20..-.. with respect to the above mentioned shares. Unfortunately, I have not received the same yet / the said dividend warrants have been misplaced/lost somewhere during transit. Hence, I/we have not been able to encash the said dividend warrants.

Therefore, I hereby kindly request you to issue duplicate dividend warrants to me for the said financial year 20..-.. for my shareholding. In consideration of the company accepting my request and issuing the said duplicate dividend warrants in lieu of the lost/misplaced original dividend warrants, I/we shall indemnify the company for any claims, which may be made by any other person holding the said original dividend warrants or claiming the payment due thereunder and towards all losses and expenses incurred by the company in consequence of such duplicate dividend warrant being issued to me/us.

Further, I/we undertake to have the said original dividend warrants delivered to the company at my/our costs if the same is found or received by me/us at any time in the future.

Kind request to do the needful at the earliest.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Shareholder)


        (Signature)                               (Signature)
(Name of the Witness)           (Name of the Witness)
(Address of the Witness)     (Address of the Witness)

Date: .....................
Place: ....................