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Transfer of RTI Application Format under Sec 6(3) of RTI Act

When a Public Information Officer (PIO) or Central Assistant Public Information Officer (CAPIO) receives an RTI application,
i) They will provide the desired information, or
ii) They may not have the information available with him, or
iii) They may need some clarification from the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) before going ahead, or
iv) He may forward the application to the appropriate CPIO for providing the information to the citizen directly.

transfer of rti application under section 6(3) formatHere is a sample of a letter, which can be used by such CAPIOs to write a letter to CPIO for transfer of application.

They may follow the format specified by their department, if any, for transfer of application.

(Print the letter in official letterhead)

Ref: ...................
Date: ..................

(Name of the CPIO)
CPIO, (Designation)
(Department Name)
Office of ................
(Full Office Address)
(Phone Number, Email)

Sub.: Transfer of application of an RTI applicant under section 6(3) of RTI Act, 2005

Dear Sir/Madam,

The undersigned had received on (Date) an RTI application by letter no. .............. dated ............... from (Name of the RTI Applicant). The information sought by the applicant does not pertain to our department and hence the information is not available with us. Therefore, I am forwarding the application to you, as per section 6(3) of the RTI Act 2005, for providing the requested information directly to the applicant or for any further necessary action as may be appropriate.

In case, the requested information does not pertain to your department or does not fall under your jurisdiction, the application may kindly be further transferred to the appropriate information officer directly under intimation to the applicant.

The payment of appropriate application fees by the applicant has been made in Indian Postal Order No. ..................., which is enclosed herewith. Further fees, as may be necessary, can be sought from the applicant directly.

Yours faithfully,

(Name of the CAPIO)
CAPIO and (Designation)
(Affix Official Seal)

(1) Original copy of RTI application no. .............
(2) Indian Postal Order No. ............ towards fees.

Copy to:
(Name of the RTI Applicant), (Full Address)
Please note that the information requested by you is likely to be available with the CPIO addressed to in this letter. You may contact the said CPIO for any further clarification or information regarding your application.