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Sample Warning Letter to Employee for Wilful Insubordination

Insubordination simply means refusal to obey orders. If an employee does not follow the orders or instructions given by his senior officer, the employer will not appreciate such misconduct.

sample warning letter to employee for insubordination
Most of the time a warning message will be given to you in writing for such a misbehavior towards your boss. Some companies may not be so tolerant, they may fire you from your job immediately, if your misconduct was severe.

It would be in the best interest of the employee to follow the orders of the superior. However, if the employee has any suggestions for working in a different way rather than the way ordered by the boss, he should discuss the same with his boss.

Format of such warning letter to employee for insubordination or misconduct is given hereunder for your reference.


Ref: ________
Date: _______

(Name of the Employee)
(Employee Code)

Sub.: Insubordination at Work - Violation of Employee Code of Conduct

Dear Mr. / Ms. (First Name of the Employee),

Your superior Mr./Ms. _____________ has reported that you have been disobeying his/her orders/instructions on duty, and behaving badly during the working hours with your colleagues. Please note that any act of insubordination without valid/genuine reasons are strictly dealt with by the company.

A meeting has been scheduled between you, HR Head - Mr./Ms. _____________ and your superior - Mr./Ms. _____________ on (Date) at (Time) at the conference hall # ___ of the company. You are expected to explain yourself of this irresponsible conduct on your part with genuine reasons. After hearing the case, we will take further action in this regard.

Please note, if it is found that your act of insubordination was intentional without any valid reasons, then it may result in disciplinary action against you viz. penalty in terms of deduction from salary reduction suspension from work or termination from your employment or any other appropriate action as decided by the management as per the company's policy.

This letter will be placed on your personnel employment file. Please acknowledge receipt of this letter by signing one copy of the letter as enclosed herewith.


For (Name of the Organization),

(Name of the Officer)