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Warning Letter to Employee for Smoking in Office Premises

Smoking in the office premises is not only a sign of bad behavior or bad work ethics but also it is a major violation of policy for employees formulated by most companies, who do not allow smoking at work.

warning letter to employee for smoking in office premises
Smoking at work may result in monetary penalization. It may get you fired from the job. The employer may take any other severe legal action against you as prescribed in their company policy.

Some employers may give a warning initially considering it is your first of such mistakes. However, if you continue to do it, you will have to face the consequences.

Format of such a warning letter to an employee for smoking in office premises is given hereunder for your reference.


Ref: _________
Date: ________

(Name of the Employee)
(Employee Code)

Sub.: Smoking at work - violation of code of conduct.

Dear Mr. / Ms. (Name of the Employee),

It has come to our attention that on (Date) you were found smoking tobacco in the _________ area of the company. As per the Code of Conduct for employees of the company, smoking tobacco is prohibited within the premises of the company.

We found your conduct to be unprofessional and against the ethics of work. Such an act is quite unacceptable to the company.

As this is your first of such misconduct, the company is not taking any severe disciplinary action against you. If you do this again in the future, we will not tolerate the same. Please note this will very well affect your performance appraisal.

This may also result in penalization by deduction in salary or suspension from work or termination of your employment. Hence, you are hereby strongly advised not to repeat such an act in the future.

This letter will be placed on your personnel employment file. Please acknowledge receipt of this letter by signing one copy of this letter as enclosed herewith.

For (Name of the Company),

(Name of the Officer)

Warning Letter to Employee for Smoking in Office Premises