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Employee warning letter for not following uniform Dress code

Dress codes could be different for different cadre of employees in an organisation. They could be the same for all. Abiding by the dress code is the duty of each employee.

warning letter to employee for not following dress code
First, the employer will warn you about your disobedience of the dress code. You might be given one more chance to start following the dress code every day.

Failure to follow the dress code repeatedly may lead to disciplinary action against you like salary deduction, suspension from work, termination of job, etc.

Here is a sample of such a warning letter to an employee for not following the dress code of the organisation. This is for your reference while drafting.


Ref: _________
Date: ________

(Name of the Employee)
Employee Code: ______

Sub.: Regarding dress code - Violation of company's policy

Dear Mr. / Ms. (First Name of the Employee),

It has come to our attention that you have been ignoring the 'Dress Code' guidelines of our company. We noticed that you were not wearing uniforms in the office premises during the working hours in the last few weeks.

You are well aware this is a clear violation of the company's policy for employees. Such misconduct on your part may attract disciplinary action against you viz. deduction of salary, adversely impact the evaluation process of your appraisal in the company, termination of your employment, etc.

We hope that you will abide by the rules strictly and wear the uniform while on duty.

Please acknowledge receipt of this letter by signing one copy of this letter as enclosed herewith.

For (Name of the Company),

(Name of the Officer)

Encl.: A/a

Employee warning letter for not following uniform Dress code