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Work & Job Experience Letter/Certificate Sample for Cashier

A cashier is a person who handles receipt and disbursement of money in an organisation viz. retail store, bank, business shop, hotel and restaurant, company, etc.

work experience certificate format for cashierHe is responsible for maintaining the cash register(s). In a company, a cashier is generally responsible for disbursement of petty cash.

A cashier also moves forward in his career from one job to another. Hence, he may be asked to produce an 'experience certificate' from his previous employer in order to get the new job.

Following are templates of such work experience certificates for the cashier for your reference.

(To be printed on the letterhead of the organisation)


To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that (Name of the Cashier), aged ___ years, son/ daughter/ wife of (Name of the Person) had worked as a 'Cashier' in the finance department of our organisation i.e. (Name of the Organisation) from (Date) until (Date).

During her/his tenure as a cashier in our organisation, he/she was mainly responsible for maintenance of the cash registers accurately, collection and disbursement of cash or cheques to employees or other parties in relation to various transactions as and when required.

His/Her work performance and behavioral conduct was satisfactory.

This certificate is being issued at the request of (Name of the Cashier).

We wish her/him lots of success in her/his future endeavors.

(Name of the Boss)

(Organisation Seal/Stamp)

Dated _________

(Experience letter for hotel cashier)
(To be printed on the letterhead of the organisation)


This is to certify that Mr./Ms. (Name of the Cashier), aged ___ years, son/ daughter/ wife of (Name of the Person), was working with our hotel i.e. (Name of the Organisation) as a Cashier from (Date) to (Date).

During his/her employment term, he/she was responsible for the following:
1) Taking and inputting bookings of the customers in the system,
2) Collecting money in the form of cash or card or otherwise,
3) Checking and ensuring customers' ID proofs are collected,
4) Directing hotel staff to assist customers in luggage carriage and room services,
5) Taking customers' orders for food and any other room services,
6) Issue all kinds of receipts, refunds and credits as required,
7) Answering and resolving customer queries, and
8) Any other works as and when assigned.

We are happy to say that his/her behavioral conduct was good and his/her performance was satisfactory. He/She was completing the assignments timely in an efficient manner.

This is to declare and affirm that the above-mentioned information is correct and based on the service records available in our organization.

(Name of the Boss/Superior Officer)

(Affix Hotel Seal/Stamp)

Date: ________
Place: ________