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Letter to Bank for Change of Name and Address after Marriage

Generally, after marriage, the wife changes her surname to the one same as her husband. Many women, who are in employment, do not change their surname after marriage.

Where can you change your name after marriage and where you cannot?

Ans.: Any documents except the academic certificates.

You can change your name in your PAN card, Aadhar card, Passport, Driving License, Ration card, Bank account, Credit card, etc. and in any other official records as may be allowed.

letter to bank for change of name and address after marriage
You have to follow the process prescribed by the respective bodies or authorities for completing the name change process.

The academic certificates are generally not allowed to be changed, but still you can check with the respective institutions for the procedure.

What documents are required for a change of name?

Different authorities and organizations have their own criteria on requirements of documents.

Mostly, you will be asked for a copy of the marriage certificate / marriage invitation card / publication of change of name in the gazette, passport showing husband's name or vice versa, copy of photo identity in the name before marriage and photo identity in the name after marriage.

What documents are required for change of address?

Copy of Aadhar card, electricity bill, telephone bill, registered rent agreement, etc. Some banks do not even ask for any supporting documents. They just ask you to fill their form and submit it along with a PAN card copy.

Hereunder is a sample of a letter to the bank manager requesting for a change of name and address of the account holder. Note: Some banks may not accept such request letters. They may insist on submission of an application in their prescribed Form available at their website or branch office.


Date: __________

(Name of the Account-holder)
(Complete Address)
(Telephone Number)

The Branch Manager
(Name of the Bank)
(Name of the Branch)

Sub.: Change of name and address in my savings account 

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am the sole holder of the savings account bearing account no. _________ in your bank at ______ branch. I recently got married on (Date). After the marriage, I had to undergo a name change, which mainly resulted in a change of my surname. My residential address has also been changed. Kindly note the following changes.

Old name before marriage: __________________
New name after marriage: ___________________

Old address before marriage: _________________
New address after marriage: __________________

I am enclosing herewith the self-attested copies of the following documents as evidence of the name and address change.
(1) Marriage certificate, (2) Marriage invitation card, (3) Gazette notification, (4) Updated PAN card, and (5) Updated Aadhar card.

Therefore, I kindly request your goodself to update the changes in the records of the bank for my account and any linked services for it as may be required.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Account-holder)

Encl.: As above