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Letter to Bank for Housing/ Educational Loan Disbursement

After sanctioning of your educational or home loan by the bank authority, you will have to submit a disbursement request form with the bank or a letter requesting the bank to disburse the sanctioned amount in favor of the person/organisation as mentioned in the form/letter.

letter to bank manager for disbursement of housing loan
Most of the banks have their own prescribed disbursement request form, which you just have to fill in with all the necessary details, sign and submit it at the branch office. Hence, contact your bank and get the form for submission.

Alternatively, you can prepare a letter on your own and provide all required information in it for this purpose.

Here is a sample of such a disbursement request letter to the bank.


(Name of the Applicant)
(Name of the Co-applicant)

The Branch Manager
_________ Bank Limited
_________ Branch

Sub: Request for Disbursement of my Education/ Home Loan account no. _________

Dear Sir/Madam,

I/We have been sanctioned an Education/ Home loan by your bank for pursuing the Education course/ purchase of the house/flat.

I/We request you to kindly disburse the amount as per below details.

Name of the Applicant: __________________
Name of the Co-applicant: __________________
Loan Account Number: __________________
Sanctioned amount (in figures): _________
Intended Date for Disbursement (DD/MM/YYYY): _________

I/We request you to kindly disburse the amount as per the details given below:

sample letter to bank for disbursement of term loan

I/We declare that in relation to the aforesaid disbursement, I/we have exercised due care and have conducted requisite due diligence of the property i.e. house or flat being purchased / the educational institution.

I/We understand that the bank will not be responsible for the title of the property being purchased against the loan / the genuineness of the educational institution, where I/we will pursue our studies.

I/We shall hold harmless and indemnify the bank against any claims, liabilities, loss, court costs and reasonable counsel fees caused to it as a result of acting on the above disbursement and the declaration made by us herein.

Kindly do the needful and oblige.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,



Date: _________
Place: _________