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Sample Complaint Letter to Bank for ATM Card Not Working

Sometimes, an ATM card or Debit card may not work at the ATM counter or in the card swipe machine for different reasons. If it does not work at a certain place at a certain point of time, that does not necessarily mean the card is damaged.

how to write a letter to bank manager for atm card not working
It might not work for some technical reasons too. The error may be happening because you are not inserting it properly. Try using the card at another ATM counter or wait for a few hours before using it again.

If the card does not work at all, then you may lodge a complaint at the bank by submitting a written letter or you may very well write an email or call the customer care center regarding this.

Here is a sample of such a letter to the bank manager in case the ATM card is not working.


Date: ________

(Name of the Account-holder)
(Complete Address)
(Contact Number)

The Branch Manager
(Name of the Bank)
(Name of the Branch)

Sub.: ATM Debit Card Not Working

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am presently a savings account holder of your branch. The account number is ____________. I was allotted an ATM card bearing number __________, which is linked to the said account.

I was trying to withdraw some money on (Date, Time) at one of the ATM counters of your bank (ATM Id: _______). However, an error message was shown on the screen, which read as 'Sorry, can't read the card.'. Therefore, I could not withdraw any money. I think there is something wrong with my ATM card.

I am enclosing herewith my ATM card for necessary. If the ATM card is damaged, please issue a new card. Any applicable charges for the same may be debited from the said savings account of mine.

Kindly do the needful and oblige.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Account-holder)

Encl.: A/a

Sample Complaint Letter to Bank for ATM Card Not Working