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Sample Letter to Postmaster Complaining against Postman

Not all men are perfect. Not all persons providing some kind of service to others can ever be perfect all the time. Hence, one can expect some mistakes and errors occasionally and forgive it without pursuing it further.

write a letter to postmaster complaining against the postman
Likewise, a postman can commit some unintentional mistakes while in service. If it happens, please talk to the postman and try to resolve the issue if possible, without going directly to the postmaster to complain against him.

However, if you notice that the postmaster is being knowingly careless in his service and most of the time not behaving properly, then you can lodge a complaint against him with the postmaster in your area.

Here is a format of such a complaint letter. For your reference in writing, we have included all kinds of complaints in this specimen letter. Do not include the parts, which are not true about the postman.


Date: ________

The Postmaster
(Post Office Name)
(Post Office Address)

Sub.: Complaint against postman

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am a resident of ________ locality (pin code: ______). I am writing to your goodself to bring to your notice that the services of a postman belonging to the ________ post office in our area is deficient in nature and completely unacceptable including his bad behavior with many of us receiving postal services. To my knowledge, the name of the postman is ______________.

Most of the time, he would handle the delivery parcel badly and throw the letters recklessly into the house, which would damage them. I have repeatedly requested him to be more careful with the parcel and letters while delivering. He would always try to argue harshly and would not improve his service subsequently. The same thing happened when he was delivering my latest postal parcel (tracking no. ________), which was received in an almost torn state. Additionally, he does not make deliveries timely and mostly delays unnecessarily even after several follow-ups. He also erroneously delivers sometimes to other persons who then come and return to us. Sometimes, he would deliver to our neighbors even when we are present in our home.

Therefore, I kindly request your goodself to give necessary instruction in this matter and take appropriate action against the postman so that the people of our locality do not suffer from such deficient services in the future.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Complainant)
(Address: _____________)
(Mobile: ____________)

Sample Letter to Postmaster Complaining against Postman