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Letter Declining a Business Lunch/Dinner Party Invitation

An invitation is a polite gesture, which should either be accepted or rejected politely as well. Hence, you need to word your reply accordingly.

decline dinner invitation sample letter
If you have been invited to a party or for having lunch or dinner or for attending some event for business purpose, but due to some reason you realize that you will not be able attend the same, then you should formally decline the invitation by responding to the invitation email or letter.

Here are formats for declining an invitation for lunch or dinner or business meet. Modify as necessary.

(Decline dinner/lunch invitation - letter)

Date: ..................

(Name of the Inviter)
(Name of the Organization)
(Office Address)

Dear ............,

I/We hope you are doing well.

Thank you very much for your invitation for a lunch/dinner with me/us on (Date). I/We appreciate your hospitality always and would love to be your guest/s. Unfortunately, I/we have already made plans for that day. Perhaps, we can rearrange this for some time next week/month.

I/We look forward to seeing you soon. Have a great day/ evening!

Yours faithfully,
(Name of the Person)

(Decline business invitation - email)

Dear ...............,

I am really honored to be invited to attend the launch of your new branch office/ store at (Location) on (Date). I would love to visit and take a tour of it. However, I have a prior engagement to attend to on the said day, which I have already committed.

Therefore, I am sorry to say that I will not be attending the launch ceremony. Nonetheless, I look forward to visiting the new branch office/ store someday soon.

Have a nice day/ evening!

Best regards,
(Your Name)

(Decline party invitation - message reply)

Dear ................,

Delighted to know that you have been promoted. Well done. Congratulations!

Thank you for the invitation to your promotion party! I wish I could attend it, but I regret to inform you that I have some other engagements on the same day. Hence, I will not be able to make it.

Have fun and enjoy the party. We will have a private party together some other day soon.

May you attain new heights with a lot more successes. Wishing you all the best and good luck.

(Your Name)