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Letter from Employer to excuse Employee from Jury Duty

Jury service or duty is an obligation on a citizen to serve and act on a legal panel in court for a period as a member of a jury and carry out the responsibility to contribute to a verdict in a case.

sample letter requesting excuse from jury duty from employer
The names of citizens for jury duty are randomly selected from lists of registered voters and people with driving licenses who are from that district. This selection is done by each district court. The selected people will then complete a questionnaire to help determine if they are qualified to serve on a jury. Qualified people are randomly chosen to be summoned to appear for jury duty.

A person may not want to serve on the jury panel for several reasons. One of them is mostly for his employment obligations. He has to reply to the court seeking to be excused from jury duty or his employer may write the letter as well.

Here is a format of letter requesting an excuse from jury duty from an employer.


Date: ................

(Name of the Court)
(Address) (Phone)

Subj.: Request to be excused from jury duty

Dear Sir,

We are the employer of (Name of the Employee) aged .... years, who has received a summons dated ............ from your office for jury duty to serve as a juror in the matter of (case details).

He is currently working as a (Designation) in our organization. He is a key employee for us as his expertise in the matter he deals with is unique. There is no other employee, who is equipped with such expertise. (Here give some details about what he does.)

Due to his specific nature of work, his presence is essential throughout the weekdays in our organization or at the clients' locations. We are unable to find his substitute, who can perform his duties in his absence if he goes for jury duty, in the wages range we can afford out of our limited budget. Therefore, his absence for jury duty would bring upon undue hardship on our organization.

Since during his leave for jury duty he would not be eligible for wages as per our wages policy, he has informed us that this would result in financial hardship to him and his family as he has some already committed financial obligations to meet.

We have discussed this matter with him in detail. We understand the need and importance of this responsibility. However, considering the circumstances, he has informed us that he would like to be excused from jury duty.

On behalf of him, we kindly request you that he be excused from jury duty. We appreciate your understanding of our unique situation. We would await your response on our request.

Please contact me at ..............., if there are any concerns or if we need to provide any further information in this regard.

Thank you,


(Your Name)

Letter from Employer to excuse Employee from Jury Duty