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Interview Call Letter to the Candidate from HR Department

When a candidate makes an application to the company for a particular position, the HR department will first check his resume to check his qualifications, work experience and other aspects in order to evaluate if he is fit for the role.

call for interview letter format
If they select the candidate for the role, they will call for an interview to meet in person and discuss his capabilities for the job role.

The HR department or the concerned team of the company will have to write a letter or an email to the candidate to call him for an interview and schedule the time and venue for it.

Here is a format of interview call letter from the HR.


Date: _______

(Name of the Candidate)
(Address) (Phone Number)

Sub.: Call for Job Interview & Written Test

Dear ________,

Greetings of the day!

Thank you for applying for the position of ___________ and indicating your interest in seeking employment at (Name of the Company). We appreciate the opportunity to consider you for this role.

We have reviewed your resume. We are pleased to inform you that your profile is eligible for the position.

We would like to invite you for an interview at our _________ office to discuss further about the job role. You will be appearing for a written test on the interview date. Please note the interview schedule as follows.

Time: (Day), (Date) at (Time) a.m. / p.m.
Venue: (Full Address)
Contact: (Phone Number)

We hope the above-mentioned time schedule is suitable to you. We request you to confirm to us your availability for this meeting. If it is not convenient to you, then we request you to get in touch with us to reschedule it.

In order to confirm your availability or to reschedule the interview, please get in touch with (Name of the Employee), (Designation) at (Email Id), (Phone Number), who will be your contact person throughout the interview process. Please report to him/her on the interview date.

You are required to fill in a Candidate Registration Form to facilitate the interview process as per our company policy. The form is enclosed herewith. Kindly submit the same on the interview date.

As per the company policy, the expenses incurred by you to attend the interview will be reimbursed to you for a sum up to Rs. __________. Kindly carry the actual bills for reimbursement.

Please remember to bring this letter, a recent passport size photograph, resume, copies and originals of academic certificates and other credentials, pen and pencil on the interview date. No calculator is allowed.

Thank you again for your interest in (Name of the Company).

We look forward to meeting you.


(Name of the Employee)
(Department's Name)
(Company's Name)

Important: Please note that this is only a letter for an interview call and written test. This does not guarantee the employment in the company.

Interview Call Letter to the Candidate from HR Department