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Relieving Letter for Contract Employees (Sample)

A relieving letter format for a contractual associate or staff is no different from a relieving letter format  for a regular employee.

relieving letter format for contract employees
The important things, that are to be mentioned in a relieving letter, are a confirmation that the concerned person is relieved from his duties to the company and the date of his last day of service in the company.

The relieving letter and experience certificate can also be jointly given through only one document.

In such a case, relieving and experience letters contain additional information about his total tenure of work and brief information on work performed is mentioned.

Here is a sample on the relieving letter given to contractual staff.


Ref: _________
Date: ________

(Name of the Person)
(Residential Address)
Tel.: _____________
Email Id: _________

Sub.: Confirmation on relieving from duty

Dear Mr. / Ms. __________,

We had received your resignation to terminate the contractual agreement with the company by your email/ letter dated __________. The same was accepted by the concerned head of the department.

We understand you have already completed the work during the notice period and have handed over the work to your reporting authority. Thank you for completing the due process of resignation and submitting the final clearance certificate as per the company's policy.

Accordingly, you are hereby relieved from duty with effect from the closing working hours of the _____day, ___th day of (Month), (Year).

Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.


For __________ Limited,

(Name of the Officer)

Relieving Letter for Contract Employees (Sample)