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Candidate's Reply to Interview Call Invitation sample email letter

After you make an application for a job post in a company, the recruitment team will evaluate your resume and if you are eligible for the job, then they will call/invite you for an personal interview meeting and for written tests, if necessary.
acceptance of interview call letter

Once you receive the interview invitation, you should either confirm your availability to attend the interview on the scheduled time. Or if you want to reschedule it, you should contact their team member. Or if you have already got a job somewhere else, then you may write to them accordingly.

Here are a few templates of how to give a reply to the interview call letters or emails. Modify it suitably.

(Letter - Candidate confirms he will attend the interview on the scheduled day.)

Date: .....................

(Name of the HR Officer)
HR Department
(Name of the Company)

Subj.: Confirmation on attending the interview

Dear Sir/Madam,

I thank you for evaluating my application for the post of (Name of the Job Position) at (Company Name) and for the invitation to attend an interview by your letter dated ...........

I hereby confirm that I will be available for attending the interview on (Date) at (Time) at (Venue). I will be carrying the necessary documents as desired by you.

I look forward to the meeting.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Candidate)
Mob. .......................

(Email - Candidate requests for rescheduling of the interview date.)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for reviewing my resume for my job application for the post of (Name of the Position) at (Company Name).

I have received your invitation by email dated .......... for attending the interview on (Date) at (Time) at (Venue).

I am sorry to say that I have some urgent work to attend to on the given date and time, which unfortunately can not be avoided. Hence, I will not be able to make it on the scheduled date.

Therefore, I kindly request you to reschedule the interview to anytime during the (Dates). I will be able to attend on these days.

Sorry for the inconvenience, if any. Please let me know the rescheduled interview time and venue.

I look forward to meeting you.

Thanks & Regards,
(Name of the Candidate)

(Email - Candidate conveys that he will not be able attend the interview.)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for considering my profile for the position of (Name of the Job Position) at (Name of the Company).

I am in receipt of your email invitation for an interview on (Date) at (Time).

I am sorry to inform you that I will not be able to attend the interview as I have already taken up employment in another organisation recently.

Have a nice day/evening!

Kind Regards,
(Name of the Candidate)


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