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Best Wishes Note Email to a Colleague Going on Retirement

When a colleague/coworker from your office is going to retire, you ought to wish him well for his retirement life.

letter to colleague on his retirement
No matter what the differences that you might have with that coworker, you can try to forget them all for a moment and wish him a happy retirement life.

In your message to him, you can write about an event involving him that is memorable to you. You can express your wish to hang out with him post retirement. You can hint about your interest to work with him in the future.

Here is a format of such a message to a colleague wishing him well for his retirement.


Dear (Name),

Happy to hear about the good news of your retirement.

These past several decades of work life must have been tiring for sure. I bear witness of your immense hard work, dedication and perseverance that you put into your work.

I know how you must be looking forward to this retirement to spend some quality time with your family, and on yourself as well. Yet I can see you are still more enthusiastic at work than ever. You are an inspiration to many of us.

I wish you heartily all the very best for your retirement life.

Take care!

Best regards,
(Your Name)

P.S. Do you have any plans to shift to any other city after retirement? What is on your bucket list of places to visit?